The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 26 July 1990



‘Jihad’ – The Sisterhood

Today, I finally got through to the DHSS and told them I can’t make it to the scheduled meeting and that it’s pointless me going as we could just as easily discuss it over the ‘phone in a matter of mere seconds.  But they wouldn’t have that!  They’ve called me in for Monday at 2pm.

Will I ever see a cheque and get off this bloody ‘dole’?!  Piss bloody off, you wangers!

Lilith wrote today.  Two letters, in fact; one of them all about being in love with me and wanting to be with me and the other a lot of vague musing and conjecture about the many aspects of her life.  She wants to see me soon.

Mooney rang earlier on as well.  He wants me to go over to his house on Saturday and dreadlock his hair.  This, I shall.  If I’m free.

Well, my dearest darling diary, Miranda Wasp wrote to me today and I’ll tell you all about it in just a moment.  It’s good, kids, and it made me laugh! 

She wrote the letter on Monday, having been unable to write over the weekend due to work.  She addresses me as ‘dearest’ Ritcherd.  She says it’s so hot down there that she can hardly move and isn’t looking forward to that night’s work because there’s a party of 24 booked in. 

In my last letter, being aware that her mother had never passed on my previous letters, I asked why Miranda chose to contact me out of the blue like that.  She replies that she wanted to know what I was doing, where and why.  She thinks it’s brilliant and strange that we wrote to each other at the same time – like there was some kind of telepathy going on.  She expresses the hope that we don’t lose touch again.

I asked her why she’d blocked out much of her last summer and she says she wants to see me very soon and tell me in person.  She signs off as ‘Miranda’, with three kisses.

Mmm, well, it left me feeling that she had become even more mysterious! 

What was wrong with Miranda last summer?  And does it tie in with what I suspected back then? 

We’ve really got to discuss this!

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Next time: ‘Careful with that axe, Eugene…’

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