The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 19 July 1990

The Rain Song


My No.1: ‘The Rain Song’ by Led Zeppelin

One year ago today, I received a letter from Miranda Wasp.  And today, I am lucky to do so again.

She starts by calling me ‘Dear Ritcherd’ and thanks me for my letter.  She tells me she never received all the others and is going to ask her mother about that.  She addresses my question as to why she’s in Portsmouth by saying she’s not really sure.  She likes the place and the people, but isn’t doing ‘anything constructive’ there (‘i.e. a degree or something’).  She started doing a Maths BSc (‘Yeuch!!’) but ‘due to certain circumstances’ she got behind and missed 90% of the lectures.  She was politely asked to ‘get the hell out’.  These ‘certain circumstances’ were an excess of partying.  So she’s currently ‘drifting’, but considering re-taking her A-levels and then going to university.  She has no idea what she wants to do, but doing retakes will give her another year to think about it.  She currently works in a Mexican restaurant, the most ‘laid-back’ establishment she has ever come across.  It’s fun, though the money’s not good and the atmosphere makes up for any deficiencies.

She goes on to answer my Mark Dalton questions by emphasising that she’s NOT living with him, and never again would she (or any other male for that matter!).  They did live together, which she says was fun for about the first week – a novelty – which quickly became a nightmare.  She says it was a clash of personalities – good now and then, but not 24 hours a day.  So they are not together at the moment.  As I predicted, they got back together when she went there last October.  They split up again in January, got back in February (‘On Valentine’s Day!  What a cliché!’) and broke up (‘for good, I think’) in June.  She says the last split was ‘good fun, really’.  She says she so used to them splitting up that she’s beginning to see the humorous side.  She says she ‘spent about a week looking wan, drinking, smoking and crying a lot – lots of melodrama, which I enjoy – then everyone got fed up with me so I became angry’.  This led to more drinking and smoking and making scenes in night clubs whenever he was around.  She says this got boring after a while so she thought ‘fuck it!’ and forgot about him.

She is now living in a shared house with her friend Becky (from Edinburgh on a six-month placement at IBM).  Becky is ‘wonderful’ and the only person Miranda knows that has no visible hang-ups (barring a passion for eating out and whiskey).  The other people in the house also work at IBM, which Miranda thinks is not so good; they’re okay, but not really her kind of people.  Before uni term ended, the house was full of media and design girls, but they’ve all gone home for their holidays.  She says she didn’t come back to Wisbech because she can’t stand being home for more than a week at a time.  Mark is in Wisbech for the holidays and she doesn’t want to see him (besides which, Wisbech is ‘a dump’).  The only thing she misses about home are the pets.

She goes on to tell me that she has erased much of last summer from her mind because of one thing an another; she says she was very screwed up.  She tells me she can’t remember what she felt at the time we got together, or even what was said.  Which is sad.

She says she doesn’t know when she’ll be in Wisbech again (possibly September), but suggests we should meet up at some point.  She signs off as Miranda, with ‘lots of love’ and three kisses, asking me to write soon.

‘The Long and Winding Road’ – The Beatles

Of course, I wrote back immediately and my letter to her is already in the post.  So.  Hear from you next Thursday then, Miranda?  Perhaps sooner if you can make it?

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