The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 17 July 1990

Rise and Reverberate


‘Rockin’ Over the Beat’ – Technotronic

Received a letter from Amy Neat.  She wrote to say how she feels about finishing College for the summer, telling me to cheer up about my life and telling me that I ‘can do it’.  I’ve pre-empted her there, I hope.  I think I’m through that demoralised phase.  And maybe there’ll be more of them, but at least I’m through the first one.

I had a strange dream last nite.  In the dream, I wrote down my list of Top Ten DOCTOR WHO companions and showed it to Larry Goodgirl who told me that he had a great picture of Sophie Aldred he could give me.  So me + Donna Davidson followed him to the new College canteen, which was strange because Donna and I couldn’t stop laughing when one of Larry’s friends came over.  Then we noticed there were rehearsals going on on a nearby stage.  One of the cast members was Bonnie Langford and I heard someone mention that either Colin Baker or Jon Pertwee were also involved.  This pleased me and I asked the SM for a programme.  Donna and I then had to follow Larry across London.  Larry was very elusive, but Donna and I enjoyed each other’s company and I told her I was over my ‘low’ phase and ready to fight on.

Sadly no letter from Miranda.  No later than Thursday – please.



‘This Corrosion’ – Sisters of Mercy

When Lilith wrote to me a while ago, she said she was going to see The Nephilim in Peterborough at the end of this month and THE SISTERS in November.  This latter washed over me like piss and I thought she merely had here wires crossed or something.  But FLASH rang tonite and we both talked at length about DOCTOR WHO (because we both love it) and then he mentioned The Sisters Of Mercy are playing Wembley in November.


A letter tomorrow, Miranda?

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Next time: ‘Purple Haze…’

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