The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 29 July 1990

Patience and Strength


‘Dominion/Mother Russia’ – Sisters of Mercy

My ‘parents’ are fucking me off.  What I’m against is being manipulated and ordered about; having to do things against my will and being ultimately unable to do anything about it.


‘Naked In The Rain’ – Blue Pearl

Jack’s just had some blokes visit him from a computer software company to discuss a programme they would like him to design.  I hope they give him a job.

I hope I get that Museum job.

I hope the DHSS finally backdate my money tomorrow!

I love the ‘culture’ I’m, ‘part’ of at the moment.  God knows what it is, but it seems to respect a hippy ‘60s thing, along with acid, drugs, punk, House music and comics.  It’s exemplified by the likes of Pop Will Eat Itself, Revolver/Crisis/2000AD, pop music from the likes of Snap and behind all that the Rave scene too.  In my daily life it’s baseball caps, trainers, hooded tops, tie-dye, psychedelia, and painted Doc Martens.  Just a shame that the bubble is pretty much bursting though.  Sadly, ‘Madchester’ fashion is getting crapper and the House music ‘scene’ is fucking up.  Soon I’ll be part of a sub-culture again…



‘The End’ – The Doors

Sitting alone on the windowsill, carried away on sunset’s inferno, I’m drifting on islands of darkening blue on a boiling crimson sea.  Curling wisps of smoke-like cloud weave a flimsy web over the horizon’s volcanic conflagration.  There is a passion and a fury, and yet there’s also a sedate passivity to it all; but always a steady ooze of new wonder.

I weep inside for lost days in a different air, in stranger lands.

My stare penetrates the whirling pools of fire, my soul pencilled, my mind painted, my emotions emblazoned with this sun-blessed gold.

I wish for tirades of beauty still to come, knowing I have spent my youth wisely.  I hope I have much more of it to spend.  I don’t want to label these new and tearful days as ‘misspent adulthood’.  This fiery sky blazes about my heart; a small testament to the wonder without/within.  This fire tells me the things I need to know, and in that telling it promises more.  I must be patient and I must be strong.

And now the sky opens and the rain pours forth.

I thank the mother for this orgasm of beauty; this small, but oh so great pleasure.

A year ago today was the last time Ritcherd J Winterfood spent with Miranda Wasp.  Good god!

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Next time: ‘Going Down…’

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