The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 23 July 1990

Dipping Into the Past


‘Dancing Days’ – Led Zeppelin


A trip to Barnes Bysea, Castle Rising; lots of us, and driving home.  Yes, there was a storm; lightning and ‘Kerosene’.  After dropping our companions off, Miranda asked me in for coffee, and even though it was 2.30am, I said ‘yes’.  Things got confused and Miranda became mysterious.  I just went pathetic, and outside Blackberry Narrow in her car, I told her exactly how much I love her.  She cried and I died inside.  She wouldn’t stop crying and I was, at first, too scared to console her.  We agreed to meet again and I knew that if we did things together and went out as friends then sooner or later our unity would define itself.  Then we could go out with each other!  And I gave in.  I held her.  Because I love her.

And it’s all one year ago this morning.



‘Naked In the Rain’ – Blue Pearl

I think I’m probably becoming a lonely person. 

So who have I left in the world?

Flash, of course.  But he lives miles away.

Donna, I hope.  But she too is very far away.

Lilith, who rang today.  She often seems to be less my type the more she rings and we talk.  She dosses about a bit too much for my liking.

Miranda, now a pen-friend.  Far away in Portsmouth.

Maggie?  Well she hasn’t contacted me for ages.  Nor has Natalia.  Or Minty.

Then there’s Stan.  But he’s gone to Leeds.

Audrey and I should have gone out tonight, but she had to cancel.  And otherwise we never actually see each other.

Ash, Mooney, Marcus and co are nice folks, but I never get out with them thanks to all this financial hassle from the DHSS (my lack of cash).

Yes, I imagine that before very long I’ll be getting very lonely.

Oh, and I didn’t go to work at the lorry yard.

TV CHOICE: Coronation Street.

It’s a year since the tears fell, Miranda.  Good god, why?

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