The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 8 July 1990

Death of a Kitten



‘Sexcrime’ – Eurythmics

Well, I’m tired now, so I’m not writing what I wanted.  Briefly, then, I forgot to ring Flash, recorded Citizen Derrick, Flash did me a good rock ‘n’ roll tape, been thinking about BMW a great deal, and I’ve had a disturbing afternoon, followed by a fantastic evening at Pontefract with Sarah and David Leigh.  Absolutely great.  I’ll elaborate soon, but at the moment, I’m tired.


‘Hear The Drummer Get Wicked’ – Chad Jackson

Today, at Flash’s, he and I recorded an old script from ’87 (CITIZEN DERRICK), which was fun, and worked on a new book idea we’ve had about DOCTOR WHO’s FEMALE COMPANIONS

Then I saw his dad, Gerald, for the first time in ages and it was nice.  Gerry, incidentally, is great and heavy with child. 

Oh, and Raquel is just horrible, I’m afraid.

‘Nessun Dorma’ – Pavarotti

This afternoon, I faced perhaps the most terrifying and incomprehensible thing I’ve ever faced in my life.  I won’t say too much of how I feel; t distresses me severely, and if I think upon it for too long, it actually reduces me to tears.

Auntie Vi cleaned her cat litter tray out today and filled it with bleach and put it on her doorstep for a few minutes.  Well, across from the house, is a disused garden/yard thing where people tend to dump unwanted kittens, one of which had strayed into Vi’s garden.  When Toyah’s friend’s dog saw it and tried to chase it, Toyah picked it up to rescue it.  Well, she petted it, etc, and when Betty said ‘take it back over the road’, Toyah foolishly (but unintentionally) put it on the floor by the back door.  Quick as a flash, the dog grabbed it in its jaws.  Toyah then hit the dog and the dog dropped the poor, wretched thing into the litter tray full of bleach, in which it rolled.  Once it was retrieved, burning and choking, it died in brief agony, its death throes bringing tears to my helpless eyes.

I’ll never forget this.  It grieves me greatly and I’d just love to know how much more Man can tamper and interfere with this Earth, believing himself to have some kind of god-like superiority.  I’m not elaborating on what I mean, am I?  Well, I shouldn’t have to and I’m not going to.

‘World In Motion’ – New Order

This evening, Betty, Chip and I went to see Betty’s old friend Janet, and then her old school friend Sarah and her husband David.  I had a great time.  It was brilliant.  Sarah’s really nice and took a great interest in me.  Later, after we watched Germany win the World Cup, I went to chat with David.  David is a very forthright and active member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.  I found him to be very philosophical, articulate and very, very interesting.  He talked to me about Nietzsche, Descartes and lots of other things he’s heavily into.  Sadly, he’s quite debilitated with M.E. (or ‘yuppie flu’) which makes him suffer from memory lapses and energy loss, which is sad because I believe him to be a great man.  I admired him and felt I could readily identify with him.  With us was fellow World Cup fan Nik (the Leigh’s friend from Leeds; and, before that, Birmingham).  I thought she was absolutely gorgeous, with black bobbed hair and a brilliant black Adidas football tracksuit.  She’s 30, and a Science teacher in Leeds.  When I say she’s gorgeous, well, you might perhaps disagree, but she was intelligent, friendly and her eyes shone with something utterly beautiful.  It was a pleasure to meet her, anyway.  And I hope I can stay in touch with and see more of the Leigh family in the (near?) future. 

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Next time: ‘Heaven’s In Here…’

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