The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 6 June 1990

The College Comedown


‘Panic In Detroit’ – David Bowie

I hate being hated by people, i.e. certain DPA2 members, Amy Neat (though we do speak), some of DPA1, and a few others.  It’s not that it disturbs or upset me, it’s just a pretty stupid situation to be in, the kind of situation that makes me think, ‘Well, fuck off, I’m only trying to live, aren’t I?’

Lilith rang toniteShe likes me.  I wonder if I like her?  I mean, y’know, like ‘that’. 

God, Donna’s changed so much in the last few days, too.  I think London changed her view on everything.  She now wants a quick job in P’boro so she can be near Tom.  I don’t really think it’ll do her or him much good.  They’re so fraught with problems these days.

Donny’s been depressing.  Jonny Badcock has too, but that’s all to do with Missy finishing with him last nite, so you can’t blame him, but I think they’re back together now…

Darren Marsh came in today.  He’s alright.

‘This Beat Is Technotronic’ – Technotronic

So I spent the day with Donny and, later, Peter Conti, Gemma Winchester and Una Baker.  Life’s pretty dull now at Tech.  I’m going in tomorrow to finish my folder work and I’ll probably go in on Monday as it’s my birthday – God knows what after that.  I don’t think I’ll bother (I’m not needed for anything official, I’m just using it to finish folder work and stuff, and spend time with people before I lose them for ever, probably).

Need to apply for some fucking jobs!

Do you think Miranda Wasp will write back?  I don’t.

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Next time: ‘The Only One I Know…’

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