The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 23 June 1990

Spock and his Viking


‘Hey DJ’ – Beatmasters and Betty Boo

I got a letter from Amy Neat this morning and it – was – SHITTT!

The DHSS wrote, asking for more information about my recent education…

Betty Boo’s on TV right now.  Alison Moira Clarkson, you are just so bloody wonderful.  But what worries me is that you’re getting chart success at 20 years of age, and I’m on the dole.  Will I be ‘past it’ soon?

Peter Conti just rang and he’s coming over tomorrow.  We’ll probably watch my APES film as he’s a McDowall fan.

The new five pound notes look nice.  Pleasant.



‘Bloody Revolutions’ – Crass

Stan Flowers just rang from his mum’s house.  It seems rather obvious that he’s NOT the latest MISSION guitarist.  But beware, Danyel ‘Flash’ Gordon; not only does he want to see me and thee during the week, but he’s also moving to Leeds!  To live there with the cute and cuddly MISSION fans, THE ESKIMOS.  Sounds lovely.  Well, at least it gives me an answer to one of the last questions Danny Black ever asked me: ‘Do you know anyone who still likes THE MISSION?’

It seems I do.

Spock rang me earlier on.  He’s coming over at about 9 o’clock and he’s bringing a mystery friend.  Wouldn’t tell me who it is.  WELL, I BET IT’S DUNCAN.  If I am right, everyone must give me all their earnings for the next ten years.  If I’m wrong then I am allowed to call myself a ‘silly billy’ – but only if I feel like it.  OKAY?

Well, at the moment, my family are all in Skegness, except Jack who is staying with me and who’s in another room on his computer.

Me?  I’m curled up in front of the stereo, listening to the works of IGNORANT, LIBERTINE, DE VIVRE, NANA, FREE, WRIGHT, RIMBAUD, SUS, and DUFFIELD; perhaps better known as CRASS.

And it’s bloody lovely.

I want a cup of tea, so you can bet your tits I’m going to bastard have one.  I would say ‘Now!’, but it’s better to say ‘in a few minutes’, what with Now never really existing and all that business…


‘Can U Dig It?’ – Pop Will Eat Itself

If I wanted to, I could call myself a silly billy right now, but I won’t cos I’m tough.

It wasn’t Duncan.  It was Spock’s old mate, Pat Anthony.  He’s a very tall, imposing chap who looks like Alan Moore and is dead friendly.  I really liked him.  He’s originally from Wisbech, but at the moment, he lives in Sheffield and he’s basically, well, basically he’s a Viking.  Yup.  No kidding.

He’s training for the Dane Law/Lore priesthood or something.  He was dead fascinating and helped me with a few points of research I’ve been interested in just lately.

We also watched a few episodes of DOCTOR WHO and drank tea.

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Next time: ‘The Donna Rumour…’

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