The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 27 June 1990


‘Dream Within A Dream’ – Propaganda

The day began in Wisbech, still on the town after a night’s drinking and larking about with Stan who was climbing along the wrong side of the bridge that spans the river.  One mis-step and we’d have lost him for good.

Following what had been a nice boozy night, Flash, Stan and I – in characteristic fashion – had to walk all the way home.  4 miles.  Which was mmmmm great fun, I’m sure!

More on this:

On the way home, we went garden-hopping – or prowling, more correctly – in Miranda Wasp’s garden, originally just to see if we could spy Miranda.  We didn’t see anyone.  But I lay on her back lawn, looking up at the stars and imagining the lyrics of ‘Dream Within A Dream’.  I wish she and I could make love in that garden.


‘Welcome to the Terrordome’ – Public Enemy

Today I went to the DHSS.  Still no cheque.

Saw Angela briefly and said goodbye to Stan.

It was a birrova shit day.  Hung over, basically.


‘Poison to the Mind’ – Pop Will Eat Itself

Lilith rang – perhaps I’d like to see her again soon?

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