The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 30 June 1990

A Poem for the Wasp


‘Thanks For The Night’ – The Damned

I am so immensely hung over/pissed/knackered.

Life’s at an end, in many ways, for me.

Flash left here a little while ago.

I know that I’d really like to see Fergie.  In fact, I’d really like to make love to Fergie, if the gods would permit it.  But they just won’t.

I’m in a limbo.  My life is a void.

Since College ended, I am alone, cut-off, isolated and caught up in the boozy lethargy of my Jez life.  I don’t mind being Jez; going to pubs and getting drunk, but Ritcherd wants to work in HIS CHOSEN PROFESSION.  I really want to work IN MY CHOSEN PROFESSION.  I’VE BEEN TRAINING FOR THIS BUSINESS, and I’ll be damned if I’ll settle for anything less than the work I want to do in theatre and so on.  I’m bloody good at what I do, I really am.  I just wish there was stuff available.  And I wish that the people who are hiring for the few scraps that are available actually wanted me.


A new poem.


She is shrouded night’s glorious splendour,
Its midnight stars and all their meaning;
The beauty of the moon, goddess Diane.

She is footfall in dew of summer graves
And early morning, dark and tearful;
Dreams of brightness in black cold.

She is treasure, stolen from my heart,
Radiant and beautiful, she is
All these things and more.

Ritcherd W Winterfood, 1990

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