The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 16 June 1990

A Living Friendship


‘Cool Zero’ – Pat Benatar

I have an appointment at the DHSS at 10.15am on Wednesday.  They tell me I’ll have 13 weeks’ benefit and after that, if I don’t have a job (which I’d better have) then I’ve got to reconsider my career plans (cheeky bastards!).

I reckon if Flash comes to stay next week, then the following week I’ll see if I can get a factory job for a few weeks or something; get some cash in.

As for this week coming?  Well, I really want to write a new play – a radio play – but about what?  I’ll have to spend a few whiles in the Town Library and see what grabs me…

‘Das Testements des Mabuse’ – Propaganda

Today, I’ve been in Cambridge where I bought three DOCTOR WHO novels:

I also bought THE ILLUSTRATED A-Z, which is naff, but it was a bargain for 99p.

ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES is on tonight and sentimental nostalgia refuses to let me miss it.

BETTY BOO was on TOP OF THE POPS and she’s gorgeous.

WAR AND REMEMBRANCE has been brilliant so far.

Getting back to Flash, I think if he comes to stay it might have to be the 23rd June now – a week earlier than originally intended, due to logistical issues.  I know he’s got a bit of a bother on with dates, so I hope he can make it.  If he comes over, it’ll be great; it’ll be the first time it’ll be just ‘US’: no girlfriends (present or across this country’s marvellous telecommunications network), no parents, and no extra friends.  At least it’ll be the first time we’ve done this since… ooh, Richmond, I reckon, which wasn’t really ‘US’, more ‘US ON LOCATION’.  So the REAL last time it was just ‘US’ was probably that birthday weekend in 1987 when we compiled the Rag Revue script?  I don’t know.  If you readers know any different the drop The Situation a line at Gordon Villas.

‘Batdance’ – Prince

The cool thing is, in Flash’s latest letter (his first in ages), he’s almost apologetic about the songs on the tape he did me, as if concerned that I might not like them.  Funnily enough, I was apologetic to him about the songs on the one I sent him when we chatted on the phone.  I considered this today, and it seems – and I could be wrong – that as we both grow older and develop our distinct ‘selves’ apart from each other, we still care enough to worry that we’ll each remain on a similar wavelength; even if we’re determined to strike out into new territory no matter what.  It’s good.  I hope it proves that our friendship is still a living one, a strong one.

I’d better ring Audrey, soon.

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Next time: ‘Owl whispers…’

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