The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 26 May 1990

The Impossible Missionary

‘The Impossible Mission’ – Alien Sex Fiend

It’s Lilith MacMillan’s birthday today.

The only thing that really happened to me was Spock visiting me to watch some DOCTOR WHO videos.

‘All Around the World’ – Lisa Stansfield

I got to thinking about sex and decided that sex is great.  But then I thought hang on, it’s actually disappointing.  And if sex is disappointing then what is the ultimate beyond that?  Same goes for ‘true love’; relationships… Girls.  It’s like when you’ve finished your first acid trip and you’re thinking, ‘Well that was okay, but… Is that it?  What’s next then?’  I suppose if I pursued this line of thinking to its natural conclusion then every experience in the world could leave one feeling this way.

Except music.  Certain sounds, the odd chord sequence; tunes that make you shiver inside.  Music never fails.

I get so caught up in these little outrages of mine.  I know there’s no solution to feeling like this, so why don’t I just shut up?

But why then do I revel in the idea of the female being?

Oh, shut up, Ritcherd.

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Next time: ‘Huff and Storm…’

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