The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 17 May 1990

Desperation and Donny

‘Rebel Rebel’ – David Bowie

Jonny Badcock’s getting fed up with Fergie and Kate Lesser for their constant taking the piss out of him.  I’ve decided to not get involved.  I refuse to.  I love Fergie and I love Jonny.  Any intervention would probably be damaging to me.  Especially with me being the way I am these days; the way I feel.

Lilith tells me she’s heard that I’ve ‘dashed everyone’s hopes’ by cancelling FRANKENSTEIN.  But no, I don’t think so.  Jolene herself said it couldn’t be done.  Okay, so I don’t agree, but she clearly wasn’t interested in seeing it through and neither were Kat or Rita.  If I was in their position – which is now the position of ‘being desperate’ to have a show to perform before we leave – then I’d put down my coffee and cigarettes, leave the Common Room, walk up to the Drama Studio and devise something sharp-ish.  Mr Williams said pretty much the same thing to me; if they come up with something half-decent, it can have his blessing.  But they aren’t doing.  They’re down town or in the Common Room.  That’s if they even come in.

‘Get A Life’ – Soul II Soul

Well, they lost their chance with FRANKENSTEIN.  They didn’t show up and they didn’t respect the process of rehearsal or the other members of the group and I have had enough of that childish crap.  I WILL ACCEPT NO COMPROMISE.  I WANT THE BEST FOR MY WORK AND I’LL ACCEPT NOTHING LESS.

It’s good that Donna understands this and sees the sense of it all.  She has the right attitude.  We have to get what we want out of this course and stop at nothing to achieve the best marks.  Once upon a time I had the wrong attitude (A-levels) and only a few months back it looked Donna had the wrong attitude too, but in the last few months she’s proven herself to be brilliant and wise.  I’m very proud of her.  Of course, Rita, Kat, Jolene and a few others don’t like us anymore, but with only two weeks to go that’s really not my problem now.  I don’t particularly want animosity, but if that’s what they crave them I’m happy to give it them.  I suppose.

‘Street Tuff (Scar Mix)’ – Rebel MC

Hey, let me tell you about Donny Goodfellow.  He’s one of the Plaxtole House residents (see also: Amy N, Pippa, Missy and others such as Caroline Finch and Leo).  I met Donny when he started hanging around Jonny Badcock.  Well, in recent days we’ve become quite close very quickly.  I’ve only known him just over a week!  But we’ve spent many an empty hour together.  Ironic that Jonny should introduce us now that Jonny and I barely spend any time together.  But for Donny I would have been at several loose ends.

Today, I spent most of my time with Donny and Donna.   Later, we went to The Walks with Amy Neat and Caroline Finch and we had a nice lazy day. 

Danny Black has lent me the videos of THE LORD OF THE RINGS...

...and WHEN THE WIND BLOWS... a brand new ‘comic’ of PLANET OF THE APES which is bloody inspiring to us ‘70s kids.

This evening, Lilith came to stay and we had fun talking and stuff.  I mean, I eventually succumbed and kissed her and later we played about in the nude – but no physical bonding of any kind.  In fact, when pressed further on ‘relations’, she reminded me of my recent stand of ‘just friends’.  So I backed off.

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Next time: ‘Terminal Stuff…’

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