The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 13 April 1990

Mad Love EP



‘Some Sad Someone’ – The Wonder Stuff

I’m still staying at my Gran’s – going over the road now to ring Fergie at last.  I’m missing her terribly. 

I’ve written her a letter telling her that if she ever wants to go back to Mickey or decides to fall into the arms of another, then she really needs to tell me and keep nothing from me.  I’ll post that on the way to the phone box. 



‘What Kind of Fool’ – All about Eve

Just rang Fergie.

She went out with Cheggers, Sandra and their mate Barry the other night.  She enjoyed it so much, she’s now lending this Barry loads of records and videos when she meets him TONIGHT!

If they get off with each other or if he tries anything (which doesn’t seem remotely outside the realms of possibility), I’ll go fucking crazy.  I really will.  Someone will get fucking hurt.




I just don’t want to lose her, and this…  Well…

I thought I had faith in her but, to be honest, taking last week’s events and all the things into consideration and all the things she’s done with me over the last two months now, well…

I don’t think I trust her.  With Barry (who I knew at school).  Oh my god.

I know she fancies him.  She said so the other week in the Wenns and shit shit shit shit shit shit shit – he’s a nice bloke, but if she and he ever…  Oh Christ.

‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’ – Deacon Blue

If they get off together, I doubt I could ever be more angry about anything in my whole life.  The worst of it is that I know Sandra was trying to get Fergie and Barry together before I arrived on the scene.  And he’s suddenly getting into Kate Bush now…  And offering to give her guitar lessons!

And they’re meeting tonight!

He’s all she fucking needs – a bloody musician.

If he touched her, GOD!  I’D HAVE HIM KILLED.  I really would.  I’d pay to have him undone – and I even know people who could do it for me. 

I don’t think I’ll ever trust her now.  When I ask her how tonite goes.  I’ll just be thinking she’s lying.



‘De-Luxe’ – Lush

I’m very tempted to ring Jonny Badcock tonite and have him go to the WENNS for me to watch over them in the pub.  I haven’t yet because it’s probably a bit much to ask and he probably won’t do it.  Yes.  It is a bit much, I suppose.

I’m getting really ‘possessive’ and it worries me.  I’ve never been like this before.

Oh aye, and Fergie’s mate Shelley is pregnant.

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Next time: ‘From flying to falling…’

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