The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 2 April 1990

'Loot' at Norfolk College Theatre (I)

‘Dust’ – Fields of the Nephilim

Today, we continued with the final rehearsals of LOOT, which are going all well and good.

But Daniel and Jodie are still causing controversy.  They still haven’t solved the ‘exploding coffin’ problem.  Donna Davidson came up with the possible solution of using two different props, the Drama Dept’s own knackered one and a better one loaned to us by an undertakers.  That said, the two coffins look very different and Daniel insisted it was beyond belief and got angry with Larry who was already annoyed with him.

I think there’s more going on here, but I’m not sure what.  All Daniel and Jodie have to do to make the whole thing more convincing is paint the knackered one up a bit and then knacker it up even more.  That would be fine.  Suspension of disbelief and all that.  The rest of the group basically said as much, but Daniel wasn’t having any of it.  So when Larry criticised his attitude in front of us all, Daniel leapt from the stage and began to beat up Larry.  It was only his own self-control that made him stop.

It was appalling to see.  Larry was unhurt but very upset.  I felt very disappointed in Daniel.  Larry is an annoying bastard sometimes, but that’s not on, is it?  Which makes me think there’s some other dispute going on between them; they are, after all, usually very good friends.  I think Daniel lost a few friends, though Jodie still seems close to him.  Hopefully it will all blow over.

‘Warm and Soothing’ – Kate Bush

I spent a lot of time chatting to Missy.  She’s a good laugh.

Jonny still fancies Abby and I’ve got to speak to her for him. 

Abby tells me Lili may be returning to King’s Lynn and sent me an apology for moving again and me not being able to get in touch.

Fergie, meanwhile, is getting very fed up of Mickey.  I asked her to come to The Disco.  She said she will – and might possibly even throw all caution to the wind.

This evening, we went to CROFTERS at her insistence.  We talked about sex and drank hot chocolate. 

Back at Tech, we kissed very passionately before she went home.

Amy and Missy arrived at the College Theatre shortly afterwards and I spoke to Amy at great length for the first time in ages.  It was small talk, but it was civilised.  She looked very nice, I have to admit.

‘Baby, You’re A Rich Man’ – The Beatles

I then attended to Chloe Attenborough who was ushering for the play.  Chloe wanted to know if I’m going out with Fergie.  I said ‘No’.  Apparently – so Julian Ward told me later – he and she are getting ‘close’ again.

The first performance of LOOT was excellent.

Betty came and she loved it.

In THE WOOLPACK afterwards, I chatted to Donna Davidson and told her all about Fergie and me.  I also confessed to her that I was feeling very sexually attracted to Amy Neat.  Then I just said, ‘I tell you something else: Kat.’
‘What about her?’ asked Donna.
‘I don’t know.  Just: Kat.’

Anyway, we all had a nice time and I drank lots of bitter whilst chatting to Kat and Amy.

Amy and I made our peace and she may well come and stay here one weekend.  You never know do you?

Then, I went over to The Walks with Kat, Rita and Amy, armed with a few cans of bitter.

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