The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 5 April 1990

Goodbye to Goodgirl

‘Give Give Give Me More More More’ – The Wonder Stuff

Jonny + I took a bunch of grapes to Tech, all nicely packaged but each one stuffed with a saccharin tablet for a jape or two.

In my Personal Tutorial, Larry told me my portrayal of ‘TRUSCOTT’ in LOOT was ‘of an incredibly high standard’ and was ‘Drama School graduate class’.  He said my performance was better than anything he’d examined in his career so far.  So what grade did I get for LOOT?  DISTINCTION, of course!  I mean, ‘Phew!’, but that’s all I really expect of myself nowadays. 

I think, in general terms, I now have about 9 Distinctions, 6 or 7 Credits and 4 Passes.  Something like that, anyway.  How it’ll all tally up at the end remains to be seen, but I’m pretty chuffed.

I saw Amy and she’s insisted that I write to her this holiday.  I will try.

Fergie gave me a beautiful photo of herself and a lovely letter.  We got on quite well, but she had to go when her friend Cathy Lesser came in.

‘Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children’ – Queen Latifah/De La Soul

This afternoon, DPA2 (my group, but on this occasion minus Jodie + Daniel) went to THE WILDFOWLER to say our farewells and to toast Larry.  And all the way from Torquay came William, just to see Larry off, which was lovely.

We had a nice time and then returned to the Drama Studio to crack open some bottles of wine.  Larry then went on to make a speech in which he spoke about each one of us and the time he had spent with us.  Jolene was the first to cry, then Kat, then me and then pretty much everyone present.  We sobbed and sniffled noisily and it was very sad to realise we will be losing a man who’s given us all so much.  And what an influence on all of us.  But for him, I’d have flunked my A-levels and would be on the dole.  By inviting me on this course and making sure my fees are paid, he gave me a second chance – and I ran with it.  Look at how he turned my life around and my passion for creating work.  I could never repay him.

So we all consoled each other, and in fits of tears I hugged Larry so tightly.  It felt as if I was losing him for ever.  Donna Davidson and Peter Conti felt exactly the same.  Peter made me sob even more, he was so full of tears, so upset.

I went back to Jonny’s for tea.  Fergie rang and told me that on the way home, Mickey had finished with her again. 

‘Elephant Stone’ – Stone Roses

So tonight, I went to the WENNS with Fergie and Cassandra (as a ‘twosome’, plus one, if y’see what I mean, i.e. Fergie and I ‘went public’ again).

I nipped off at 9pm to meet Jonny, Peter, Rita, Kat, and Larry in THE WOOLPACK.  Larry bought me a pint and after promising I’d be in touch with him before he leaves for London, I left at 10pm-ish

Back at the Wenns, Fergie and I got on quite well, but she does get carried away chatting with Cassie and her other mates, so it was a bit dull.  That said, it’s just nice that we can be US now.  She’s great.  Anyway, we arranged that she’ll come over to Blackberry Narrow again tomorrow for the day.

Just want to say a big goodbye to Larry, Jodie, Kenneth and Tracey now they’ve all left too.

I am, of course, staying here at Jonny’s.

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Next time: ‘A wish away…’

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