The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 17 April 1990

Fantasist Gibberish


‘Golden Green’ – The Wonder Stuff

Looking out over Castleford from the top of Queen’s Park, turning a circle and surveying all.  Selby and York; Leeds; the distant radio mast on the moors…

I began to think and considered the possibilities that lay untapped in the buried past.  I tried to imagine this land before industrialisation; tried to imagine it as forest.

Was I made for this age?  I sometimes think not.  My heart is not always in it.  Sometimes my mind is off, beyond, dancing over vales of gold on bird wings, celebrating the beauty.

This poor Earth, this poor mother.  I wonder if there’s a long hidden truth to her; I wonder how dead she is now, this Eden whose fruits we have poisoned.

I am a fantasist and a romantic.  I talk nonsense and gibberish.  I write the same.  But there is something I feel about this world, this land.  Something innate that I cannot conjure with language.  An instinct, perhaps?  I know that we are doing something wrong.  Somehow.


‘Love Shack’ – The B-52s

This morning I woke up from a strange dream in which I had sex with Donna Davidson.

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