The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 22 April 1990

Doctor Who: Death to Time!


‘The Hounds of Love (12-inch)’ – Kate Bush

I am home, at Blackberry Narrow.

I hate my acne.  Why does it happen?  I do wash, y’know…

But I’m home.

I rang Jonny and was sad to hear that he hadn’t been able to go to the Wenns.  I can forgive him because he had a good excuse: his brother had slashed his wrists and taken an overdose.  He’s now recovering recovering in hospital, poor bloke.

I rang Amy for a chat.  She asked me to explain my feelings for her over the phone (my letter to her hasn’t arrived yet, y’see, and she probably won’t get it till next weekend now…).  Eventually, we agreed to get together and talk soon.  She asked me about Fergie and I told her how afraid I am of losing her.

MARY-JANE FERGUSON, my heroine.  I’ll confront all this shit tomorrow.  I hope we love each other too much for any more pain.  I love you, Fergie; all my love x


‘The Supermen’ – David Bowie

I’ve been thinking about writing a Doctor Who script.  It’s my take on the final story ever.  If it’s never coming back on the telly, then it would be good to have a proper, final end.  And it ought to be a ‘Greatest Hits’ while we’re at it.

Here’s my breakdown…



Gallifrey is attacked by a fleet of spaceships.


Ace alone in TARDIS, talking into log (like Jo in ‘Planet of the Daleks).  Explains that she and Doctor answered a distress call on a damaged starship.  The Doctor insisted that she remain in the TARDIS, but has now been gone for over 12 hours.  Suddenly, the TARDIS doors are blown in.


In the starship, the Doctor is arguing with the last of the Cybermen who are suing for peace.  They have grievances regarding his use of Nemesis – which they have retrieved, though it’s dormant and damaged - but need his help to survive.  The Doctor is refusing to help them rebuild and relocate.  The Valeyard arrives – dressed in undertaker’s clothes – and offers his assistance.  He has brought a bruised and battered Ace with him.

In a cell, the Doctor and Ace are arguing.  She is angry with him for giving himself up for her.  He helps her escape, telling her to get into the broken TARDIS and use the recall circuit to get her back to Gallifrey where she must warn the Time Lords.


The Valeyard assists the Cybermen with repairing the Nemesis.

Ace’s escape is discovered.  The Doctor is placed in a Cybernisation unit, to be turned into a drone Cyberman.  But the ship is attacked.  The Doctor is rescued, by unlikely allies – Ogrons.  And their masters, the Daleks!

TARDIS has trouble reaching Gallifrey and keeps skipping a time track (it’s trying to ‘hide’).  Ace eventually seizes control and lands on Gallifrey – but the Time Lord Capitol is devastated and crawling with Daleks.  Excavating Daleks.

A very ill Doctor is taken to Dalek Control on Gallifrey.  He is interrogated regarding his perceived alliance with the Cybermen.  He is also questioned about the precise locations of both the Hand of Omega and the Eye of Harmony.  Once the interrogation is over, the Dalek leader recommends that the Doctor be made into a Dalek War-Planner.

The TARDIS is in a panic, sensing the pain of both the Doctor and its planet of origin.  It takes off, leaving Ace behind and materialises within the Matrix where it locates the Master.

With the Eye and the Hand now in their grasp, the Daleks proceed with their ultimate plan: to travel back to the birth of the universe.  Here, they will detonate both power sources and create sufficient temporal power to project the entire Dalek fleet/army into every location in time and space – and attendant parallels and divergences thereof – in order to control every moment of time always and forever.

That’s about as far as I’ve got, but the rest should go something like this…

The Master and the TARDIS enlist the aid of Ace, and rescue the Doctor who formulates a plan for destroying the Daleks.  On the way, Ace is killed, and the Nemesis is used to destroy Dalek Control.  The Dalek Time Squad manages to travel back and activate the Eye and the Hand but then promptly dematerialise.  The Doctor travels back to the earliest manageable time after the formation of the universe, using his TARDIS as a bomb, jettisoning himself (and probably Susan) in one of the rooms, after arranging the removal of the control column, which devastates the Dalek Time Squad.  I’m playing with the idea that he becomes Fenric at this point, returning to destroy the Valeyard who has taken control of what’s left on Gallifrey.  The real hero, in the end, is probably the Master, who sorts out all the ‘on the ground’ stuff as the Doctor ascends to godhood, in a horrible and terrifying way.  He will die, unregenerated.  Or at least seem to die.  Presumably in a physical/mental struggle with the Valeyard.


‘Twilight of a Champion’ – The The

That letter from Larry

To all DPA 2 students

Final Term Project

Could I just clarify the following for next terms projects:

That the work will be based on Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”.
That you will perform on June 7th at the KLCA.
That any further dates you arrange for a local tour you will inform me (for moderator purposes) and Mr Williams.
That a visit to the Cockpit is possible (contact me please).
That you will record your contribution to the project and hand that in by 7th June to me or Mr Williams.
That a recorded register will be kept until Whitsun.
That all work will be kept safely by Mr Williams but made accessible to me and given back to you after the final visit of the moderator.
That the college will give you the necessary support or staff, resources and transport to carry out the project successfully.
That you will notify me of any change of address or employment gained, as well as Mr Williams.
That both Kenneth Farnham and Tracey Joyce will submit their ‘project’ work in as well by June 7th.

Many many thanks for your continued support, and good fortune in climbing the final hurdle, I know you can do it!

See you soon.

Larry Goodgirl

Weird to think he won’t be there anymore.

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Next time: ‘Lilith returns…’

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