The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 5 April 1990

Birth of Frankenstein

My No.1: ‘The Power’ by Snap

Today, I came into Tech and Fergie was in tears. 

She’d confessed to Mickey.  First he’d laughed and then he’d finished with her.  All of which was now making her feel unsure about me.  I consoled her and kissed her and then let her go as off she went to meet Sandra in town.  I had faith in her and looked forward to a nicer future with us finally together.

After 3 ½ hours of completing my BTEC folder in readiness for examination, I met Fergie in the foyer.

Here’s the script…

R: Hi.
F: Hi.  I saw Mickey.
R: Did you?  What did he say?
F: Er… I’m going back out with him.

I couldn’t believe my ears.  I felt as if I’d been hit, very violently, in the face.  I was gobsmacked.  And she tried to make it sound okay.  I mean, yeah, I understood her predicament, but, god, did I feel shit.  I was raging.  She said we could still kiss, etc, and that things would be the same as before, but things just didn’t feel the same.  I felt empty.  Even more so when she went off to meet Mickey in the afternoon.

I spoke to Sandra about it – how I feel like jacking it all in, in a sense.

‘Baker Man’ – Laid Back

This evening, the Drama group met with Larry to get plans in place for the remaining term without him.  We decided that our next production will be my long-term ambition, a production of FRANKENSTEIN, written and directed by me.  Excellent.  Then we all went to the pub with Larry.  Here, we all reminisced and after an hour or two said our goodbyes. 

Larry and I went to Pizza Gallery for a Renoir with green pepper, a Van Gogh, a couple of bottles of Lambrusco, apple pie, and coffee.  We chatted at length of our time together (a good two years as friends), the course, and life in general.  He was a great teacher and a great inspiration; a good man.  When he’s gone, I’ll be missing a friend.  I care for him a great deal.

I love Larry Goodgirl, warts ‘n’ all, AS-THEY-SAY…

Tonight, I’m staying at… GUESS?


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Next time: ‘Goodbye to Goodgirl…’

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