The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 30 April 1990

An Amy Letter Day

‘Rok Da House’ – Beatmasters and Cookie Crew

And so ends April and the first third of 1990

What happens next?

Well, today I spent time with Amy, who really likes me.  I like her.  Last Wednesday was so special to me.

I also spent time with Lilith, who is attractive and I hope she likes me.

I didn’t see Fergie much and she got angry with me for that.

‘Frozen Faces’ – Propaganda

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a letter Amy gave me today (which she wrote yesterday):

She addresses me as ‘Horny bastard!’  She says she’s writing to thank me properly for Wednesday night, which she says was ‘a very weird, interesting and lovely evening’ and she’s glad it happened.  She says I’m ‘very sexy and horny’ and ‘sensual’ and that she likes it ‘loads and loads’ when I touch her.  She likes us being friends as it makes it easier for us to talk ad she really respects that.  She still wants to come and stay with me, just to have a laugh and talk and spend some time together.  She’d also like to meet my family one day, she says, especially Chip.  She says she finds Sundays boring, and can’t stop thinking about Wednesday night.  She says that she’s finding it harder to write and so pauses ‘to go and have a little play’ with herself.  She says Wednesday was the first time she’d actually made love.  Before Wednesday, she says, she had to rely on herself to come when having sex, which she says can get boring after a while.  She thinks sex is a complete headache and doesn’t really understand why people love something that is so much fuss and rather stupid.  Maybe we’re all just stupid, she decides.  She says she loves the way I think about sex and finds it very interesting.  She says she doesn’t think anyone she’s told about Wednesday can understand why it was so good.  She puts this down to them being shallow and not knowing what it feels like to make love to me.  She says I’m ‘brilliant’.  She says she wishes she’d explored me more on Wednesday night.  She says she wants to be able to explore every single part of me one day.  She says I’ve got ‘a lovely bum’ which looks great in the moonlight.  She says she knows this because she was watching me when I was getting the condom out.  She says I’ve got a ‘very, very sexy, feelable, eatable body’ and that she likes it loads.  She says she’s been worrying about my feelings and wants to put my mind at rest: she says that if thinks like Wednesday happen again then she promises she’s not going to ‘start getting possessive, heavy or whatever again’ or go on about wanting more.  She’s happy to ‘let things happen as they do and be friends, nothing more, nothing less’.  She knows how things have been for us in the past, but more than anything she just wants us to have a fun friendship and get along well.  She signs off with ‘lots of love’ and four kisses.

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Next time: ‘Swings and Stars…’

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