The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 15 March 1990

Under the Ivy

‘Love Shack’ – The B-52s

There’s a definite summer feeling growing in the weather, like we’re rising from the ashes of a disturbed winter.

In recent months, I’ve been a bit anti-TS2 for one reason or another (much of it springing from that business of being the Drama Department representative over which quite a number of them were rather rude to me), but I don’t really want to be and I think things are getting better.

Since Jonny and I spoke to Emma, Julian’s been very nice and sociable.  I don’t know if he knows we know his ‘secret’, but I don’t care.  It’s just really nice to know we all look like being set to become very good friends again.

Since this breakthrough, I have chatted further (in a social sense) with Emma and Gemma and I feel very happy about that.

I wish I could see Chloe Attenborough at some point – for a decent length of time, I mean – just to establish a few whys and wherefores.  I find Chloe very attractive, you know.  There’s no harm in me telling you that; Fergie wouldn’t mind me saying and I know I find Fergie far more attractive.

Today, Fergie and I sat in the Common Room in our most beautiful aspect yet; legs tucked together and often touching each other.  Luggage popped in and we separated as he’s such a good friend of Mickey.

In the afternoon Donna Davidson and I sat on the steps near the CR.  Fergie and Mickey were sitting on some steps above/behind us, but Fergie came and talked to me, despite Mickey being there.

Donna and I have collected our TEST OF COMPASSION costumes.  Unfortunately, I do feel some of them are a bit too elegant and in ‘too good’ a condition.  My feelings are that the characters would look a bit more weathered; less well-dressed (I’ve been looking at relevant period dramas and films I have at my disposal and I feel these are too ‘new-looking’).  We chose what we chose in order to display both the status and the individual characteristics of the characters wearing them.  I believe we have been successful with colour coding and so on, as we want them to stand out against what is, effectively, a particularly bland set.  Kenneth came with us to the store (along with all the measurements Donna has taken) and he seemed impressed with our ideas.  

After a hilarious TEST OF COMPASSION rehearsal wherein Darren Marsh and I fell about in fits of laughter at Kenneth’s expense, I came home.

This evening, Fergie rang me.  She feels guilty on and off about fancying me so much.  She told me that earlier in the day she had been talking of secret things with Sandra that obviously applied to sexual/lustful kinds of action regarding me.  She really DOES like me.  And I must find out from Sandra exactly what was said.

I visited my family at their new house in the village, and noticeable by his absence was Sooty, our cat.  It seems Betty took him to the vets for treatment on his mouth, but the vet considered the pros and cons and deemed it might be appropriate, given the size of the infection, to have the poor treasure put down.

And so, Sooty is gone.  Our little black cat.  My little cat.  Twiggy’s only surviving son, following that tragic day of births in 1976, when I watched all her little babies born in the kitchen at Nostall.  And poor Twiggy, lost and disappeared in 1980.

Rest easy, Sooty. 

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Next time: ‘Larry’s big announcement…’

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