The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 20 March 1990

Test of Compassion at KLCA

‘Get Up (Before The Night Is Over)’ – Technotronic

I received a wonderful letter from Fergie today.

I spent the bulk of the day running through TEST OF COMPASSION.

I was chatting to Tracey Joyce at one point, and the subject of my getting off with Chloe Attenborough came up.  I then voiced my thoughts on the subject and asked Tracey to ask around and find out why Chloe thinks it happened.  Some part of me needs to know if Chloe had the idea of a potential relationship in mind at the time.

Tonight’s performance of TEST OF COMPASSION at KLCA went better than I thought it would and I was mildly happy with my portrayal of William Mompesson, considering that I ultimately didn’t enjoy the part and never really found my way ‘into’ it. 

I injected as much of the pressure I felt ‘Mompesson’ should feel into the performance, along with his innate tenderness for Kathy (his wife) and Emma and Roland (whose youth and energy he admires; something he is losing).  But I wasn’t too pleased with my acting.  I felt so unsure about the part.  And I must admit that I was scared of losing the lines, given that they were so much trouble for me to learn.  Act 1 was a bit leisurely, but I think I did better in Act 2 I did better work than I expected (portraying the character’s pressure, anguish and passion).

It went down well anyway and the bloke from Radio Norfolk said he liked what I’d done.

‘Drowning’ – All About Eve

I believe I could have given the show a lot more, but I did find the process of working under Kenneth’s ‘regime’ rather difficult.  Difficult as in: not that useful.  As for rehearsals, I honestly believe that Ken should have ensured that we had some time in the performance space before we did the show and kept up to date throughout on any amendments to the dialogue or action.  He just wasn’t on top of it all.

Sadly, I believe I failed at evoking any real ‘life’ from the role.  I found very little character in the script, except in the more ‘passionate’ moments, and Ken asked me not to display that passion.  The direction I needed under these circumstances just wasn’t there.  

In terms of mine and Donna’s costume work on the show, I think it went well.  In the final analysis, the only real issue was lack of period shoes, so we were forced to wear our own, which wasn’t especially effective (I wore my DMs!).  There was one costume malfunction and this was the wig of ‘Thomas Stanley’ which looked terrible, but then it was supposed to have been worn with a hat (supplied) and wasn’t for no clearly explicable reason.  Working with Donna has been productive, though we haven’t seen each other all that much on the project as both of us have been on and off campus at our work placements.

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Next time: ‘The Chloe controversy…’

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