The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 30 March 1990

Shameless Snogging


‘Ahead’ – Wire
This is really good.  Still!

I’m at Jonny Badcock’s right now.

Larry’s suggestion that we join him at The Cockpit all seems rather vague as a proposal now.

I’ve been in the paper today for LOOT.

Orton play by college

HOMOSEXUAL love, bank raids, dead bodies and a coffin full of cash are all part of the latest stage production at Lynn’s Norfolk College.  The students’ version of Joe Orton’s fast comedy farce Loot should raise the roof next Monday and Tuesday.
The production, screened in 1966 and voted film of the year, is a black comedy about two male lovers who rob a bank, dispose of their dead mother’s body and hide their money in the coffin.  Bent Detective Truscott, played by Ritcherd Winterfood, chases them through a series of comedy capers.
Rehearsals are going well and the performing arts students received some useful advice last week in the shape of actress and magician Joy Rissen, an extra in the film version of Loot.

Today, Fergie and I have been nice together in the sun, if a little vague.  I think that was mostly my fault because of a very dodgy LOOT rehearsal.

Tonite, we’re going to go to the Wenns together.  YUM!  As Mickey’s away we had originally intended to ‘go out’ to P’Boro this evening with Danny Chegwin and Sandra and then stay in a caravan at the seaside.  But Sandra, being an interfering sort, decided we mustn’t, for Mickey’s sake.  God, it’s been a bugger of a week.

‘December Will Be Magic Again’ – Kate Bush

Abby MacMillan (Lilith’s sister) has now finished with her boyfriend and he went leet about it.  Apparently she now wants Jonny Badcock and he wants her – but HOW?  He has Missy!

Gosh it’s MacMillan’s galore, as Lilith has written to me, which means the spell is broken and we’re in touch now.


‘Downtown Lights’ – The Blue Nile

Tonite, Fergie and I went to the Wenns and she had a wonderful new Laura Ashley skirt on.  She looked like a dream.


In the pub, I spoke to Luggage, and saw old chum Roger Watson who wants me to stay in touch so we can get bevvied at some point!  I also saw that Alexander O’Neal bloke; I couldn’t place him at first but he explained that 3 years ago he and I shared a 5p packet of crisps and fell asleep on each other at Fiona Sawyer’s house after THE RAMPANT HORSE Gondoliers gig.

Willock + Kat popped in – she was fed up.

I drank tonnes of bitter, Fergie sipped her snakebite and at 10.30pm, we went outside and after walking a few feet, pulled each other down onto the pavement by the wall and kissed, openly, passionately, and unashamedly.  Then two of Mickey’s friends walked by – the implications of which are a bit hard to swallow, but we’ll see. 

Jonny kindly picked us up and we drove Fergie back to Heacham (she was beautiful lying across my lap in the car).

I’m staying at Jonny’s.

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Next time: ‘Chips in the park…’

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