The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 14 March 1990

Making Wishes 'Round A Tree



‘Topaz’ – The B-52s

Today, Fergie seemed a little ‘off’ about Sandra and her relationship with Cheggers, which is currently a little strained.  Fergie seemed to show little concern.

We went to The Walks today and made wishes around a tree.  And talked a great deal.

She confessed to having almost cried at the letter I sent her from Yorkshire, in which I wrote the lyrics to KB’s ‘Under the Ivy’.

I love you, Fergie.  But I can’t really tell you because of the way it might affect us.

This afternoon, Mickey came in to meet her.  I felt jealous.  They left and I spent the afternoon with Shelley

When we later saw Fergie + Mickey waiting for a bus, Fergie came over and told us she was in such a bad mood with him and was really pissed off.  Funnily enough, Shelley and I were feeling the same.

I just rang Fergie’s house, but her mum told me she was in bed.

Goodnight, Mary-Jane.  Thanks for the friendship band.

‘Is This The Life’ – Cardiacs

Jonny and I had a chat with Emma Goddard today (and I really enjoyed her company which astounded me).  She let slip the (not especially surprising) fact that Julian is bi-sexual.  When he finished with Chloe he did so to be with a man (that we think might have been Jamie).  Emma says that Julian’s kept it from me and Jonny because he’s worried about how we might react.  I’m glad we know, though.  I think both Jonny and I feel much ‘closer’ to him now.  I wish he wasn’t in such a grump all the time though.

I have attempted to get to grips with ‘William Mompesson’ and I’ve tried to send him ‘over the edge’ as the pressures upon him are mounting.  But Kenneth has once again curbed any ideas I bring to the part.  This is oft becoming the case, so I’ve decided to just do what the guy wants; he’s the director, after all, but I’ve never before, when acting, had so much input curtailed to a major extent like this.  The show looks very dodgy, but I’m just going to do as I’m told and hope that being in the play won’t make me look stupid.  I hope he’ll be able to pull together a ‘style’ for the show.  With so little time left now it seems very unlikely that my character will improve or change now.

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Next time: ‘Under the Ivy…’

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