The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 9 March 1990

Les Dogs


‘Enjoy the Silence’ – Depeche Mode

It’s been fun since Tuesday, but I’m suffering from Ferguson deficiency.

SHIT!  My nails keep breaking and it really irritates me.

This diary’s getting a bit ‘basic’, isn’t it?

Today, I had a lazy day.  I’ve seen Elbow and Flash (who’s been writing me a brilliant script to perform as BERWIN GROOMSTOOL).

I’ve also seen the latest Comic Strip Presents: Les Dogs, which is probably the best ever and one of the best bits of TV I’ve ever seen.  And it had Kate Bush in it.

I finally posted Fergie the letter I’ve been writing over various evenings this week.  She probably won’t get it till Monday, but that’s life.

I rang her tonite, but she wasn’t in.  Her mum told me she’d gone off to Cambridge (as expected, actually). 

‘Heroine’ – Sinead O’Connor

That being the situation, I rang Sandra and asked her how Fergie’s been this week.  Sandra told me she’s been missing me (thankfully), especially our long chats.  Without me she’s been finding college miserable.  She was also sad that I hadn’t rung.  I asked Sandra what she thought my chances were, but she said she didn’t know.  That said, she promised that Fergie really does like me and won’t give up about me (as Fergie says, she pretty much grins and bears it when she’s with Mickey).  But, says Sandra, Fergie’s feeling insecure as she’s been told I go mad over a girl one minute and the next I don’t want to know. 

I get that.  I have been fickle.  I do get too excited, but in those terms I think that’s only definitely happened twice, possibly three times. [Who are you kidding? – Lilith, 1992] But it’s not as if I chose things to go that way.  I felt genuine desire and was either disappointed or disappointing.  I don’t think it’s a ‘set pattern’.  It’s not ‘compulsory’. 

But I do like Fergie.  I don’t think I could desert her emotionally or physically; not without provocation.  She means a lot to me.  FAR TOO MUCH.  Whoever told her this stuff about me, then I hate them for it.  And it means my chances with her are now likely ruined. 

Even so, Sandra says Fergie is dying to see me again.  Then Sandra told me a secret: Fergie told her that when we said goodbye last Friday, she did in fact want to put her arms ‘round me and kiss me, longingly.  She has also told Sandra that she wishes she could ‘get off’ with me.  She really wants to.  But Mickey is my concern in that dept.  As I told Sandra, I don’t know what I can do about it, but I wish I could do something. 

I have devoted myself to Fergie.  I will never hurt her.  I will do all I can to make her happy.  There must be no other, NOT AS LONG AS SHE AND I ARE THIS ROMANTICALLY INCLINED TO BE TOGETHER…

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Next time: ‘Some Hope…’

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