The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 16 March 1990

Larry's Big Announcement

‘Passing Through Air’ – Kate Bush

Today, I hardly saw Fergie, which didn’t please me.  When I did see her, we went to the Wenns and she asked me if the rumour that Amy Neat and I slept together in the first week of knowing each other was true.


Of course it’s not; Amy and I haven’t even slept with each other.  Jesus, the reputation I get!  I haven’t ‘slept’ with anyone since July 1989.  Seven months ago.  And before that it was seven months since I’d slept with anyone.  I had sex twice in 1989. 

Anyway, Fergie and I sat and talked happily for ages.

This morning, in plague make-up, the cast of TEST OF COMPASSION went to St Margaret’s Church for the newspaper + TV publicity calls.  We were on SKY TV at 3pm this afternoon and we’ll be in the papers next week.  We were also on Anglia TV News tonight.

‘Bring Forth the Guillotine’ – Silver Bullet

In the afternoon, during the costume fitting session, Larry announced to us that the Drama Dept. is likely to fold next year and his contract hasn’t been renewed.  Consequently, he is leaving at Easter (a term before we ‘graduate’) to take over the running of a theatre in Paddington.  This means next term we’ll have relief staff: the drab likes of Jilly + Mick.  None of us want this.  Added to which, the college management want to bring our course to a close a month early (May instead of June), which none of us are willing to stand for. 

This upset many of us in the group.

This means some of our group members will be leaving here to pursue jobs they’ve lined up.  So, not only will we be saying goodbye to Larry at Easter, we will also be bidding farewell to Sharon, Will, Kenneth, and Jodie.  That leaves: me, Daniel, Jonny, Darren, Jolene, Tracey, Rita and Kat (who may also leave).

It’s all starting to crumble.  It’s feeling VERY terminal.

Maybe… Oh, I don’t know.

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Next time: ‘ACE!’

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