The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 19 March 1990

Kissing In the Pelting Rain


‘The Confrontation’ – Kate Bush

After a nondescript Dress Run of the daunting TEST OF COMPASSION, much of our group made an attempt at jeering down Nigel Cameron’s bid to join the SU (we couldn’t; he didn’t turn up).

‘The Garden of Jane Delawney’ – All About Eve

Fergie (she, skiving a lesson) and I went to The Walks and told each other our sexual histories and talked about previous relationships.  Later on, we finally found the subject of ‘us’ and what ought to ‘be’ between us if we’re really admitting a need to touch and kiss and be with each other.  No solution was found, but, as we walked back to Tech at 4pm, she grabbed my hand and held it, not caring if we bumped into disagreeable parties.

There and then, we decided to get late buses home and stay together in town awhile.  So, we let go of our hands and got our bags from Tech before going into town in the drenching, pelting rain.  We went for coffee and touched each other a jot and talked a lot.

Upon leaving for buses at about 6.10pm, we held and hands.  And then we kissed.  Inevitable.  It had been rising within us both all afternoon.

I then rushed off home.  I feel great – and I hope she does too.


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