The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 1 March 1990

Ken Shabby's Testicle Oppression


I asked Fergie’s friend Shelley what Fergie thinks of me and, apparently, she really likes me.  But as Shelley says, what can she really do about someone new suddenly coming along if she’s been with Mickey for 3 months? 

Fair enough.

A girl called Charlotte at Tech is getting me Lilith Valentine’s address, so she tells me.  Do I want it, though?  Perhaps it’s just best to let it/us/her and Nick be?

Sooty, our cat of the last 14 years, has a mouth infection + is suffering greatly.

I feel perhaps he should be put to sleep.  I don’t want him enduring this disgusting suffering and pain.  It’s making him smell so very bad, but I do love him.


‘Bilbo’s Last Song’ – Stephen Oliver

I watched The Comic Strip Presents: Spaghetti Hoops and it was great.

Jonny, quite humorously, has been continually delving into Fergie’s past (via his friends) for me.  Even though I never asked him to.

LOOT is good, but TEST OF COMPASSION (now dubbed Testicle Oppression) isn’t.  Director, Kenneth Farnham now has a new nickname in addition to Ken Shabby and ‘Bill Trumpton.  He’s now also known as ‘Willy Crumptham’.  Why?  I dunno…

I can’t stand Donna Davidson this week.

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Next time: ‘Dwelf…’

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