The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 13 March 1990

Compassion Hire

‘White Cross’ – Sonic Youth

Today I felt the same disgusting pangs of jealousy.  I liked Fergie even more today.

We talked a lot today.

We went for a walk to break the Common Room Zombie Routine.

She left later and I spent the afternoon with her friend Shelley.

Stan went to Cambridge to live, then promptly decided to leave and follow THE MISSION on their countrywide tour.  He was last reported ‘MISSING IN SCOTLAND’…

'Wooden Box' - Ancient Beatbox

Donna has arranged to hire some period-appropriate 17th century costumes from Watlington Theatre Players.  By sheer coincidence they recently produced a play set in the same period.  Having seen them, they fit perfectly with mine and Donna’s interpretation and vision of what we need the costumes to be like (based on various costume books we looked at earlier in the year).

I have had a few chats/discussions with the writer, Martin, and he can see me struggling with Kenneth’s inadequate direction.  He has quietly suggested that I approach ‘William Mompesson’ as young and easy-going (but easily-pressured).  I’ve discussed it with Kenneth and he’s happy to go along with it.

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Next time: ‘Under the ivy…’

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