The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 24 February 1990

The Regular Ritcherd Update

‘Room at the Top’ – Adam Ant

Today I went to some pubs in Brandon with Spock and the Commander.

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‘Thief of Fire’ – Loop


Allow me to remind you…

Well, hi.  I’m Ritcherd J. Winterfood.  Often referred to by some as ‘Jez’ [for mysterious reasons now lost within the bowels of time…]

I’m 19 and I’ll be 20 very shortly.  My star sign is Gemini.  I live in a house called BLACKBERRY NARROW in Cambridgeshire and it’s oddly beautiful around here.  In a barren sort of way.  Kind of refreshing, though.

I ‘study’ the Theatre and Performing Arts at NORCAT in Norfolk, and my lecturer tells me that at the rate I’m going, I have pretty much already passed the course with Distinction even though we don’t leave till June

‘Battle of Pelennor Fields’ – Stephen Oliver

What motivates me?

Loving people: getting to know individuals and discovering their beautiful intricacies; the wonders of love; the joy of thought and imagination; the notion that every moment is unique; music; the stage; hope; friendship; Mary-Jane Ferguson

I am interested in: DOCTOR WHO, JRR TOLKIEN’S MIDDLE EARTH SAGAS, and loads of other beautiful things.  And I am definitely a SITUATION fan.

What do I like musically?

Hard to define right now.  Lately it’s been a lot of Acid/Dance stuff and some Indie.  But I also like soul-fulfilling things like Kate Bush and, right now, Stephen Oliver’s THE LORD OF THE RINGS soundtrack.

I love life.

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Next time: ‘Ritcherd people…’

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