The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 27 February 1990

The Last Dance

‘The Model’ – Big Black

Today was a step in the right direction.

I said hello to Mary-Jane Ferguson in the morning, shortly after which she came to me and asked me if Danny Chegwin had rung me.  I told her he hadn't and that she ought to nag Sandra and he to organise some ‘outing’ or other.

After a few lessons I saw her around with Mickey and said nothing.

Jonny tells me that no one at KES likes Mickey because he’s sarcastic and always slags people off.

‘Possession’ – Sisters of Mercy

Later, at lunch, Daryl came to talk to Jonny and then Mary-Jane joined us, so I talked with her.

She says she likes to be known by her nickname, Fergie.  She’s re-doing GCSE’s in Art, Ceramics and Photography.  She may well even come back next year to do the BTEC Performing Arts course.  Her ideal career would be being a singer.  I find that very thrilling and very pleasing; inspiring.  She swears like a trooper, but is also thrillingly articulate. 

She tells me that Mickey has few friends and is – in her own words – ‘a twat’.  She also knows loads of Jonny’s former KES friends, and we spoke of the days when her brother and Danny Black were really good friends.  Luggage was also mentioned as a mutual acquaintance.

She tells me she stays in most evenings.  She still lives with her parents who allow her out one night a week – which she usually takes to go to the Wenns bar and LA’s with Mickey.  To earn money, she has a job baby-sitting.

She says she has known of me and acknowledged my presence around the place for quite some time.

Anyway, Jonny and I eventually had to say goodbye and go to our last Dance lesson ever as Scarlett Kane leaves at the weekend for a new job.

At break, Fergie was with Mickey and I felt so ‘bitter’, so ‘angered’ (?).  But hey, he’s got his rights, hasn’t he?  I suppose.

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Next time: ‘Getting to know Fergie…’

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