The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 22 February 1990

More LSD and a Party

‘Jazzie’s Groove’ – Soul II Soul

My day began, post-Tech disco, tripping on acid in King’s Lynn Walks with Marita Huckle, philosophising about the universe.  We talked about so much and so deeply, all way too much to go into or describe/illustrate in these pages. 

BUT I now (though possibly illogically) how incredible Time is, and that the space a number takes up in the universe is already larger than infinity.  Just think of all the numbers at once.  That’s what Time is made of, folks.  Now add those numbers together.  That’s bigger than all of Space-Time.  That’s beyond infinity.  Crikey me!

Eventually, after going for a wander, we bumped into Donna and Sally walking along hand-in-hand.  We had a bit of ‘trouble’ with them as they were also tripping acid and had decided they’d like to walk/hitch 35 miles to Peterborough.  And it was already 2am.

We eventually talked them out of it and all piled back to Donna’s and slept.

Today at Tech, the glances across the Common Room, etc. faded all but completely and I felt a little down in the dumps.  I decided Mary-Jane was no longer interested in my staring and watching.

This evening, I had my tea at Jonny’s, changed, and then met Jolene, Tracey and Rita before we all went to the Spread Eagle where I met up with Kat, Willock, Venus, and Leighton.  We all then went to LA’s nite club with most other Tech people for Darren Marsh and Marco Di-Fonzo’s joint surprise 19th birthday party.  After lots of difficulties for most people over getting in, a splendid nite was had with other kiddies such as Jamie Davenport, Will, Lisa and Stan

This was fun with Stan for the last time as he has (yet again, inevitably) dropped out of College to go and live in a squat in Cambridge.  Well, all the best to him, I suppose.  He’s been around most days since September last year and I’ve quite enjoyed his company in small, mellow doses.  We have a very different friendship now; less intrusive, less competitive.

‘All Around The World’ – Lisa Stansfield

Amy Neat sat with me and asked me how I felt about Julian + Chloe’s split. 
I said: ‘It’s good.’
She asked: ‘Why?’
I said: ‘After the ways she’s treated him, I don’t think I like her.’

Amy then tried to get off with me, but I didn’t let her.  She got upset and went.

Kat and Willock had me in stitches much of the nite.  I also bopped with Jolene and Rita (who’s turning into bit of a ‘House’ freak – good on her!).

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Next time: ‘Getting off with Chloe…’

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