The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 21 February 1990

LSD at the Valentine's Disco

’20 Seconds To Comply’ – Silver Bullet

Today, after a day of extremely obvious Common Room stares with Mary-Jane, Danny told me he believes she’s the sister of one of his mates from school.  Seems she and I have some mutual friends, too, and they’ve been telling her snippets about me.

At one point, I went up some stairs and I looked down as I was turning up another flight and saw Mary-Jane at the bottom.  We both smiled at each other very broadly.

What’s she look like?

Shorter than me, with long, wavy ginger hair – very orange and golden – tied back at the sides.  She’s generally to be seen in a green velvet jacket and a black top, with a pendant around her neck.  I’ve often seen her in a long dark skirt or a flowery one and sometimes in baggy purple trousers.  She also often wears black tights with the skirts and DM shoes.

‘Welcome to the Terrordome’ – Public Enemy

This evening, I had tea at Jonny’s and then put on my purple dungarees and my black hoodie and DM boots and my biker’s jacket to meet up with Rita, Sally Watson, Donna Davidson, and Jolene.  The former three and myself dropped acid and started a trip together.  We then went to the fair and Rita and I went on the waltzer which was totally brilliant; one of the greatest sensory experiences I’ve ever had.  After this, we went on the cyclone.  Then we all went to the Regis Rooms for the Late Valentine’s Disco.

It all seemed rather dead at first, but eventually the number of people was what I’d call cosy.  The music was excellent, the beer was plentiful and we all gave it some when it came to dancing.  Particular stand-out tracks were: ’20 SECONDS TO COMPLY’, ‘WELCOME TO THE TERRORDOME’, ‘PACIFIC 707’, ‘HALLELUJAH’, ‘BACK TO LIFE’ and, of course, ‘GET A LIFE’.

I chatted to Daryl, Ian’s girlfriend about Mary-Jane and told her I like her lots.  She said she’d let Mary-Jane know and I was cool with that. 

After the disco, Rita and I went to The Walks and had heavy discussing times all about the senses, space and time, etc.  I love LSD.

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Next time: ‘More LSD, plus a party…’

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