The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 15 February 1990


LOOT and COMPASSION rehearsals.

Loot’s coming on fine.  ‘TRUSCOTT’ is perhaps the best role I’ve ever been privileged to play.

Compassion is a mess.  Rehearsals seem unplanned and, I don’t know, cluttered.  I think Kenneth’s losing a lot of respect (mine included) due to a lack of organisation and group control.  He keeps ploughing us through the same scenes over and over again – never altering anything.  If we try to make suggestions, he opposes them and nothing develops.  So we play these scenes over and over without having touched on later scenes or having any idea of the piece as a whole.  Which is, y’know, a bit crap.

Doctor Who: DEATH TO THE DALEKS is good.


The new series of The Comic Strip Presents… has been excellent so far. 

GLC, their latest offering, even included an amazing/surprising soundtrack by Kate Bush.

‘Ken’ – Kate Bush

I wish the Poll Tax would sod off.  Even the ‘high-ups’ don’t want it.  And when Conservative canvassers are telling people they’ll get £50 off their Poll Tax if they vote Conservative, well that sounds like bribery to me!

In Tech today, I got three Valentine’s cards – all from Amy Neat.  All of them full of suggestive comments…

I don’t know how much of this you already know, but here it is.  In recent days, certainly since I returned from Leeds, as she and I have passed each other in college corridors, we’ve held long eye contact.  We both seem to look up, hold each other’s gaze, then pass.  It’s almost like we’re about to talk, but we never do.  I’ve been telling Donna and Jonny about it.

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Next time: ‘Five years…’

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