The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 23 February 1990

Getting Off With Chloe

‘Welcome’ – Gino Latino

My day began in LA’s nite club with all my college buddies, celebrating a birthday party for Darren and Marco

Eventually, after about five pints, I sat and talked with Chloe Attenborough who seemed very upset about Julian finishing with her – added to which, she’d just lost her purse.  As I sat with her, she began to cry on me, cuddling up to me.  She then gripped my hand and I found myself caressing her as she caressed me.  She leant her head over my shoulder and I put mine over hers.  We embraced like this for a while, drifting through the music.  When we finally pulled out, we looked at each other and somehow, instinctively, found ourselves kissing.  For a long and excellent time. 

It seemed unreal.  Bizarre.  And, ultimately, treacherous.  After a lot of kissing, she suddenly succumbed to the amount of alcohol she’d been drinking and had to be sick.  And so she was.  On the floor, nearby.  Chicken and booze all over the nite club floor.

‘Be Kind To My Mistakes’ – Kate Bush

After she’d had time to re-arrange and re-assess herself, we left LA’s together.  It was 1.45am.  We walked around King’s Lynn, holding onto each other and kissing.  At about 2.30am, she caught a taxi home and I walked back to Jonny’s.

When I got in, Jonny was in bed.
‘How did it go?’ he asked.
‘I’ve done a bad thing,’ I said.
‘I got off with Chloe Attenborough.’
‘Oh, what?!’ he said (he hates her, y’see).  ‘You twat.’

I went to bed.

Today, we went into Tech and as we walked by the Common Room, Jonny stunned me by reporting that Chloe was sitting and talking to Mary-Jane.  I should have realised there’d be consequences to what happened at LA’s given that Julian had told me that they were friends.  I then felt totally useless and pathetic.  A bit gullible even.

At break, I was given nothing by Mary-Jane and, for the first time, her boyfriend Mickey came in.

‘That’s it then,’ I thought.  ‘All over.’

At lunch, Chloe sent me a message via Marco that I should meet her.  So I did and she apologised for last night.  I offered my own apology and we both agreed that it probably shouldn’t have happened.  That said, I suggested that we might get on better as a result and that I might like her a bit more than I thought I had.  She asked me if I’d help her get back with Julian.  If that’s what she wants, then I will.

The rest of lunch I spent watching Mary-Jane across the Common Room, feeling a little better that she was watching me back, smiling, and talking to her friends about me.  But saying what?!

‘Enjoy the Silence’ – Depeche Mode

At afternoon break, I left the Common Room with Jonny and we were very obviously followed by Mary-Jane and her friend to the Library Block, where she waited for the lift and Jonny and I took the stairs.  But as I reached the 3rd floor for the Drama Studio, I turned to see Mary-Jane rushing behind and past me to go to the Art Rooms.  As she opened the Art Rooms door, she turned to face me and smiled.  I smiled, a bit embarrassed, back and then entered the Drama Studio.

A minute or so later, I felt compelled to look into the corridor again – and there she was, waiting for the ‘down’ lift.  I rushed back into the Studio again feeling dead chuffed.  Unless she had needed to visit the Art Rooms for about one minute, then the journey she had made across the campus from the Common Room to the Library Block had all been done as an exercise in following me.

At the end of the afternoon, Daryl came up to me and told me that Mary-Jane does fancy me.
Jonny asked, ‘Why does she stay with Mickey, then?’
‘I dunno,’ said Daryl.  ‘He’s a twat.  Apparently, a little while ago, she told someone that she’d never finish with him, but she told me that if she gets on really well with you, Ritcherd, and things are all fine, then she’d dump him and go out with you.  She really likes you and thinks you’re sweet.  So make a move soon!’

If any of that was true, then that’s great, but as Daryl goes out with Ian who historically fancies Lilith and has no reason to especially like me because I also fancied Lilith, then I’m taking this with a pinch of salt.

‘The Road Goes Ever On’ – Stephen Oliver

Later, Jonny and I passed them all in a group and Daryl and Mary-Jane were talking about me.  Daryl then rushed over to me and asked me if I’d be in the Wenns bar to nite.  Unfortunately I wouldn’t be, despite Daryl telling me that if I did then Mary-Jane would get rid of Mickey awhile in order to chat with me.  Christ!

Mary-Jane watched us leave the Common Room, then followed us some of the way.  Daryl blatantly and a bit obviously shouted out, ‘Oh, by the way, Fergie, I told Ritcherd you fancy him!’  Fergie is Mary-Jane’s nickname; her surname is Ferguson.  Anyway, I must have gone bright red and so must have Mary-Jane.  I carried on walking and she sat on a wall.

I then left for home.


‘Holding On’ – Soul II Soul

What an interesting week it’s been.

THE BRITS was good.  Soul II Soul had me riveted.

I watched The Comic Strip Presents: Oxford and it was great.

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