The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 2 February 1990

Eager and Determined

‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ – Sinead O’Connor


Today, we worked on the script in a small proscenium space and then looked at how it will really have to play on three (?) sides between now and its opening on March 8th.  I was able to offer input into this rehearsal and several ideas.  Jude was very supportive and endorsed my thinking, which was thrilling, and the actor’s really seemed to genuinely appreciate a few suggestions when I was invited to offer them.

And that’s that.  The end of my placement.

I’ve spent a good and fulfilling week working on John O’Keeffe’s WILD OATS at the new WEST YORKSHIRE PLAYHOUSE, Leeds.

The crew and company have been lovely and I got on particularly well with Reece, who has been helpful with acting ideas and careers advice.  Murray has been kind and supportive. 

Thanks go to them all, but especially to:

LINDA for being so friendly on my 1st day.
MARK for being friendly to me throughout.
HELEN for her caring and friendly attitude.
TOM for taking the time to talk to me and have a laugh with me a hell of a lot.
DAVID for keeping me laughing.  What a very funny + talented actor.
JOAN for being lovely to me.
MURRAY for being one of the loveliest, most charming people I’ve ever met.  He kept me well-supplied in boiled sweets.
IAN for being good-natured and kind to me.
REECE for putting up with me for most of the week and letting me ask him loads of questions.  He really took good care of me.

And huge thanks of course to Kay, Jude and Dan for their kind help.

‘Fabienne’ – The Mission

I feel very satisfied by the experience.  I doubt I’ve learnt anything especially new or monumental that I haven’t been learning at college, but I did obtain some new understanding of processes and lots of snippets of advice and guidance from members of the company.  Ultimately, this might well adjust my attitude and approach towards the ‘business’, which I once again find very stimulating.  I feel very eager to get out there and do some acting now; that much is true.  I also feel reassured about the work I’ve done as a director.

I wish I’d found time to get more out of Jude, but she was so busy and I really didn’t want to get in her way.  And though I came on the placement as a boy who wants to direct, I think I leave feeling I want to be much more involved as an actor.  I feel very determined about being involved in creating theatre work, whatever path I choose.

I will be returning – as requested by Jude – for one week in March.


‘Cemetary Chase’ – Keff McCulloch

Working at The Playhouse has been a very fulfilling exercise and I’m looking forward to returning.

Good TV whilst I’ve been in Yorks: DROWNINGIN THE SHALLOW END.

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Next time: ‘Acid tonight…’

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