The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 28 February 1990

Cartoon Boyfriend


‘Running Up That Hill (12-inch Mix)’ – Kate Bush

Hi, I’m in Jonny’s Cavalier.  He and Will have gone to collect some nuts and bolts, etc. for the Loot set.

Today, I saw Fergie first thing.  She came to talk to me and we chatted at length.  And then again at break.  And what’s her favourite music?  KATE BUSH.  Now that’s brilliant.  Aside from the brilliance, though, I did feel I was getting a bit too ‘forceful’ in conversation.  But we’ll see.  I have hopes.

The Situation are good. 

I’ve been listening to our old tapes.  Stuff I’ve enjoyed has been: TAPED PLASTIC and PSYCHOTIC PINEAPPLE, mainly.

I don’t actually own that many, but it’s good.

I want to mix my (provisionally titled) Scotch Mist tape with some of our early stuff.  I’ve really got to do it soon.  I reckon if we do any more tapes aside from that in ’90, then we should do a single and also re-record WHAT THE DICKENS?! or CITIZEN DERRICK.


‘Please Give Me Something’ – Gallon Drunk

I met Fergie again, eventually, at 12pm.  She was with Shelley and Sandra and we chatted non-stop for about three hours until the others finally left us alone.  She is ARIES and, I believe, she used to be a bit Christian (Catholic?).  She’s been with Mickey for 3 months, but lately they’ve hit a ‘rocky’ patch; they’ve been crying down the ‘phone at each other for weeks.  She’s nearly 17 and lives in Heacham with her parents who are very strict over her.  We get on really well, despite the fact that Amy Neat has given her the impression that I am a bit callous.  Fergie and I spoke about this very carefully and at great length.  We also talked about Tolkien’s runic letters.

By 3pm-ish, we were still talking away, when in walked Mickey, whom she was supposed to be meeting.  She hadn’t – obviously – because she’d been too engrossed in conversation with me.

Mickey is well ‘aware’ of me; likes my biker’s jacket and the Watchmen painting on the back.  He ‘likes’ me, apparently (Fergie wants us to meet properly and ‘get on’).  He possibly also considers me a threat as she’s told him everything about me and how much I like her. 

How do I feel about that?!

Anyway.  They went at about 3.10pm, leaving me feeling … ‘angry’?

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Next time: ‘Ken Shabby…’

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