The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 20 February 1990

Spring Clean


Missed the bus, of course.  Just dandy, isn’t it?


Gives me a chance to catch up on my life, though, doesn’t it?  And readers, you know you gotta get a life…

‘Get A Life’ – Soul II Soul

What’s been going on?

The folks moved out!  And it feels so good to be in charge of Blackberry Narrow.  It seems all new and lovely; warm and clean and big and peaceful with redecorating and a spring clean.

ERASERHEAD was on.  I videoed it.  I’ve seen the first half and it’s weird.

What else?


‘Shadowfax’ – Stephen Oliver

Today, Rita told me that yesterday afternoon the ginger-haired girl had gone over to ask her a few brief questions, i.e. who was the card from?  What is his name?  And does he fancy her?  Rita countered by asking her name – it’s Mary-Jane – and finding out if she’s going out with someone.  Yes, she is, and Mickey is his name.  Still, I’m impressed at the interest shown and the glances across the Common Room have become much more persistent.

This evening, Astra cut my hair.

‘No Time To Cry’ – Sisters of Mercy

He returned some videos I’d lent him and we went into King’s Lynn together.  On the way, we were briefly shadowed by Mary-Jane who was giggling and chatting with her friend.
‘Probably laughing at my sex life,’ said Julian.
‘I don’t know,’ said I.  ‘I like her and she knows it.’
‘Do you?’ he asked.
‘Yes.  Anyway, why do you say they’re laughing about your sex life?’
‘Because they’re friends of Chloe.’  (Chloe being Chloe Attenborough, his girlfriend)
‘How are things with Chloe?’
’I’ve finished with her,’ he said.

This shocked me, but after much conversation with him, it seemed to me that he’d done the right thing and I found myself feeling much less sympathetic towards her; even questioning my previous liking of her and replacing it with a passive loathing.

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Next time: ‘Late Valentine’s Disco…’

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