The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 1 January 1990

New Year's Day 1990

Dear diary, welcome to the 1990s.  Welcome to 1990.  Welcome to January.  And welcome to my life.  I hope this year works out for the best.  I hope the decade does...


all my love,

Ritcherd J Winterfood

‘If There Was Love’ – Liza Minnelli

My 1990 began in LOLA’S Chinese Take-Away in Castleford.

Raquel and I had left Flash watching Eighties on BBC 2 as we went out in search of much-needed food.  We’d hoped to be back before the bells chimed, but this is where were as the new year came in.

Back at Ashton Street, we all ate and drank and cuddled and I must admit that a few tears escaped me amid the cathartic nostalgia of it all. 

When Gerry and her boyfriend Drum returned, Flash and Raquel went up to bed.  Not long after, Flash returned and as I went into the bedroom to make up my bed on the floor, I found Raquel crying.  Flash had finished with her.

‘So Sorry I Said’ – Liza Minnelli

The rest of the night was rather tense as somehow, despite the tensions, we all ended up sleeping in the bed.  Flash made a point of putting me between himself and Raquel – I have no idea why – and she kept taking my hand and putting it on her pussy.  It was a very thrilling thing to have happen, I’ll be honest, but also a bit fucking weird.  I was tempted to finger her, but saw sense and pulled away before anything stupid might happen.

Once up and about and now part of New Year’s Day, I was picked up by Aunty Lizzie and Uncle Keith (along with my cousin, Julian) and they drove me back to Wisbech St Mary.  Once home, we all went out to dinner (with Betty and Freddie) to THE WOODMAN’S where I bumped into Dan Berry (from my old band).  I also chatted a little with Betty’s waitress friend, the gorgeous 17-year-old Jayne.  She’s great!

‘Rent’ – Liza Minnelli

Tonight, I’m listening to my new Liza Minnelli LP, and having a few tears at the decade gone and the new decade ahead.

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Next time: ‘The festivities come to an end…’

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