The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 6 December 1989


‘Troika’ – Prokofiev

Today, we did two more performances of Strawberry Girl.

Tonight, I watched the final episode of Doctor Who: Survival.  This story has been excellent; a proper ‘under the skin’ battle between the Doctor and the Master with echoes of An Unearthly Child and Inferno.  Moody and sultry, creepy and brilliant and with great music, too. 

Ace has been amazing and her gaining of cat-like characteristics was sublime.  This has been the best season of Doctor Who EVER – Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred are just magnificent – and it was so sad to see the final scene, knowing the programme might not be back for some time, and never again in this familiar BBC form.

‘Come on, Ace.  We’ve got work to do.’

Afterwards, Johnny + I went to the Wenns public bar with AmyJulian + Chloe arrived too (and, apparently Chloe knows all about me + Amy – as Julian had told her – which I’m not too chuffed about).

Afterwards, when Julian + Chloe had gone, Johnny went to meet Missy from a fashion show, but as he was a bit drunk AND late, she went apeshit on him and told him off.  LOTS.  The big surprise to me was that he, Johnny Badcock, actually took it all with his tail between his legs.  Very much out of character, I thought.

Meanwhile, Amy and I went to the Red Mount in The Walks and chatted in the cold darkness.  We then kissed and caressed a good deal.  We then played some very kinky roleplaying which was very, naughty and highly taboo.  I asked her to show me her chest and her new bra and when she did, I kissed her breasts very passionately.  She is very gorgeous and I fancy her arse off.

I then walked her back to Plaxtole House before coming back to Johnny’s where I’m staying the night and we’ve been in the usual fits of laughter.

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Next time: ‘Face-slitting…’

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