The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 28 December 1989

Ritcherd's First Acid Trip


‘Gimme Shelter’ – Sisters of Mercy

Good afternoon.  I’m knackered.

My day began in Wisbech, doing an ‘acid trip’ with Legs.

After the pub and Rod Griffin’s flat, Legs and I walked back to his place.  It was an odd experience walking through the dark streets and convincing myself this was the 1960s.  All of which got even weirder as once we walked into his shared house, we came into a lounge lit by a solitary red bulb, at the centre of which several of Legs’ housemates and other hangers-on sat in a circle chatting, most of them with long hair and beards, listening to Velvet Underground.  I really WAS convinced I’d travelled back in time to LSD’s heyday…

Legs and I went to his room and listened to Sisters of Mercy in the pitch dark.  This freaked me out, as the Sisters suddenly seemed to be the creators and architects of all I knew a few years ago and I felt incredibly conscious of neglecting my faith…  I had some idea that Andrew Eldritch was a medieval devil who had played ‘Gimme Shelter’ and ‘Heartland’ to contemporary peasants and scared them shitless.  Now, I decided, he had returned and wanted to claim my soul for its faithlessness.

In the dark, I could see weird patterns, like paisley-esque shapes from the linings of jackets, matrixing and spiralling, swirling, around me. 

‘Heartland’ – Sisters of Mercy

After this, we went out and explored the night-time, everyday world, sensory perception at full throttle.  We found solutions to millions of problems and lost them just as quickly as we discovered them.  I then went on a roundabout in the park and totally flipped out – but not as much as I did when I went on the swings, which was the ultimate in ‘new’ feelings and sensations.  I was free-floating, mentally and physically. 

Back at Legs’, I had a hard, sleepless night. 

I came home this afternoon, and I’m shattered.

I’d do ‘acid’ again, but I think I’ll leave it for a while now.  If this wasn’t my last trip, I expect the next one will be.  I want to do 2 tabs next time.  If that doesn’t turn out to better than last nite, then what’s the point?  I’ll do no more.  Mind you, I think that, yeah, even though it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped or imagined it should be, it was still a bit BLOODY GOOD!

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Next time: ‘Christmas messages…’

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