The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 5 December 1989

Playing Berwin Again

‘The Time Warp’ – Damian

Today, we did two performances of our panto, Strawberry Girl.  They weren’t bad.

I’m enjoying playing Berwin again. 

Initially, the character was just going to be a carbon copy of last year’s Berwin from THE DAY PANTOMIME ENDED, but toned down a little.  This time he would be less deliberately evil and more … misguided.  I feel that this year he desperately desires to please his Queen and look good in front of her.  As crass as it may seem, I do ‘feel’ him when I play him, although today’s shows were pretty much heavily-disguised rehearsals!  The idea now is that he should come across as an inept, bungling, but egotistical fool.


He is close to the Queen.  I think she’s the only person in the whole show he has any real relationship with.  He likes crawling to her, and he shares a form of ‘egomania’ also present in the King.  He’s quite ‘bitchy’ though and likes to be favoured.  I think perhaps, deep down, he even has designs on the crown, but he’s too thick to realise it.  I also think he’s developing a crush on the Magical Fairy, in spite of himself.  She bewitches and beguiles him.  It’s probably not a logical character arc though…

I think the most successful moment of the shows today was realising that we could actually do it and get it right.

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Next time: ‘Red Mount and Amy…’

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