The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 18 December 1989

New 'Doctor Who' Top 10

‘Oh Father’ – Madonna

We did the final panto performance today, which was dire.

That said, over all, I’ve enjoyed doing Strawberry Girl.  We’ve had a few difficult shows (Alderman Jackson was a tough one emotionally, but also the stage was tiny and we had to ‘cramp’ the show somewhat), but it’s grown, adapted and improved as it’s gone on.  I’d still change the ending, but y’fuss. 

The ‘company’ has worked very effectively as a team.  All of us have done our bit here and there on top of the performing: unloading the van, helping each other out, repairing costumes, technical stuff, and a lot of sharing ideas and involving everyone involved not just the usual suspects or the big characters in the group.  The first video really shows a tight crew at work, if you want evidence of team playing.  Everyone really ‘mucked in’.  Every show was a success, even if that show had problems to solve.

It was, to me, a great exercise in punctuality and group efficacy – moreso than last year’s panto.  It also taught me to learn a script in record time, performing from the off without a second’s panic or hesitation.

Children have written us letters of thanks and every day, teachers have complemented us all on possessing ‘great talent’.  Even our friends and families have heard stories of the panto’s success around King’s Lynn schools.  I believe we all did very well and, by all accounts, it’s been well received.  Teachers often tell us that many of their kids have never and probably will never again see ‘live’ theatre and they’re grateful for the difference it makes to their pupils.  I hope we’ve ‘educated’ them a little, then; shown them that there’s more than just TV and videos.  If so, I don’t think that can be a bad thing – especially if we also brought a little bit of fun and happiness to their lives.

‘Into The Valley’ – The Skids

Also today, I posted cards + sent ‘em ‘round Tech to people, etc.

Had a bloody good time in King’s Lynn with Kat and Rita, amongst others.  Nice.

In the evening, I went out to the Wenns with Jonny, Missy, and Amy.  It was strange; I felt so sombre.  About the ending of ’89, I mean.  And, indeed, the end of the ‘80s: the decade I’m most attached to.  My life, pretty much.  The idea of it just made me feel so sad.

After the Wenns, we all wandered about in and out of Plaxtole House and I took great delight in caressing naked bits of Amy’s body.  She was a lot of fun, and I love sucking her tongue.



10. Revelation of the Daleks

09. Dragonfire

08. The Greatest Show In The Galaxy

07. The Happiness Patrol

06. The Caves of Androzani

05. Remembrance of the Daleks

04. Survival

03. Ghost Light

02. Earthshock

01. Curse of Fenric

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