The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 18 December 1989

Lilith: Day One

‘FX’ – A Guy Called Gerald

Still feeling sad about the end of the ‘80s.

I’ve had the cover of WATCHMEN painted on the back of my leather bike jacket, with – as requested – the colours transposed (red where the original is yellow, yellow where the original is red).  It’s excellent.

Today, I had my personal tutorial and my three grades this term are: one pass and two distinctions.  JEFF’RY SKILL!

This evening, Larry took me out to dinner at THE FARMER’S ARMS in King’s Lynn and we bumped into old 1986 tech chum, Wanda Stubbs.  She was waitressing there and it was very nice to see her.

Larry was good company and I like him a great deal.  He’s a good bloke.

After dinner – and several pints on my part – he dropped me off at Kat’s place on Tagge Road for Kat + Willock’s party at the home they share with Leighton Holt, Venus and Lilith MacMillan (Abby’s sister).

Yes.  Lilith – otherwise known as Lili – who is one of those people I’ve ‘always’ wanted to just … ‘be’ with.

I can’t continue.  It wouldn’t be fair until my frame of mind is correct.  It’s just…  Just…

God.  Lilith.  Lilith.


‘51st State’ – New Model Army


She sat alone in an armchair, somewhat ‘detached’, in that she’s not really part of Kat’s circle (having only just moved in to a spare room in the student house).  She is a noble-looking girl, with a seemingly stern, static face.  Black eye-liner and a short red tangle of dyed auburn hair (she wants to grow it out).  She was wearing a red, lace-trimmed skirt and a baggy black jumper.

And I was dying to see her.  Meet her.

On arrival – knowing she was going to be there – I handed her a Christmas card (as I did to all the housemates).  She looked a bit surprised, but she thanked me.

Drinking quite happily and chatting to Kat, I noticed Lilith watching me, which was actually quite uplifting.  Eventually, I went and sat by her and struck up a conversation as she offered me bits of her garlic dressing and olive pizza (which was good of her).  We chatted about a variety of things and, I must say, she surprised me.  In the Common Room she’d always seemed a bit, well, blank-looking and socially awkward, but in conversation she came across as funny, pleasant, open, chatty and, best of all, nicely spoken.  She had barely a trace of accent, which was lovely.  She’s also very well-read, which is really nice. 

As the party quietened down, we were still chatting.  As people began to leave, she unfortunately developed a tummy ache and kept threatening to go to bed so as to relax and sleep it off as she had no pain killers.  I continually beseeched her not to leave me, and she continued to back down and chat with me.  I think she was surprised at how much I already knew about her (due to long conversations with Abby and Jonny a few months ago).

Anyway, she grew very tired and went to make coffee for us both, after which she washed and then came back into the lounge to tell me that she was going to bed.  I said okay, but asked if we could meet in town or something tomorrow.  She said yes, then asked me where I was staying.  Instead of telling her I had a bed at Jonny’s, I plucked up the courage to ask her if she minded me crashing on her floor.
She consented.

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Next time: ‘Sealing a 10 year fate…’

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