The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 21 December 1989

Heart of Sadness

‘Def Con One’ – Pop Will Eat Itself

Today, Julian + Jonny + I went to Norwich in Julian’s Sierra and ate chilli pizzas (yeow!) in Pizza Hut.

Julian bought me the 12-inch of ‘Getting Away With It’ by Electronic for Christmas (which was great of him and would be even greater if my turntable wasn’t currently fucked!).

Then I said goodbye to the lads as – after I dropped a Xmas card at Miranda Wasp’s house - they dropped me off home.



This household is dead.  I’ll explain why later.  It’s sad.



I’m tidying my room.

Just one thing…

I really don’t understand why the Americans were so useless in the Vietnam War.  Why couldn’t they achieve more than they did?  It’s difficult for me to comprehend that they made so little impact. 

Anyway.  That’s irrelevant.



My No.1: ‘Getting Away With It’ by Electronic

I’ve been away from home since Monday morning.  I arrived back here tonight at about 5pm-ish, to some very grave news.

This morning, at about 6.30am-ish, Freddie had a heart attack and is currently in King’s Lynn hospital recovering.  He’s much better than he was, but it’s not over by a long chalk.  All the recent family tribulations suggested that we might be heading towards this (he had a heart attack some years ago).  Nevertheless, here we are. 

I hope he gets well soon, is all I can really say.  It’s not a nice thing to happen to him.

As for me, I’m tired.  It’s been an indulgent and mindfucking week.  I’ll report on that, soon.


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Next time: ‘Closing down the ‘80s…’

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