The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 29 December 1989

Christmas Messages

‘Twist In My Sobriety’ – Liza Minnelli

So I’ve had Christmas cards from:

Tracey Joyce
Queenie (Freddie’s mum)
(‘best wishes forever’)
Debbie (Betty’s friend)
Lucille (Freddie’s sister)
Simon Lewis
Gran Sugden
Gran + Granddad Winterfood
(‘all our love for Christmas’)
Louise + Kev
Grandma + Granddad Pritchard
(‘best wishes for a happy + bright new year’)
Sharon Fielding
(‘Time Lord…’)
Marita Huckle
(‘discard your anorak and don your protective school’)
(‘good luck in the future’)
(‘may next year be full of dungarees for you’)
Julia Ward
Will Daniels
(‘a really pissy new year’)
Astra + Danny
(‘good luck for the 1990s when you become famous’)
Dad + Annie
Julian Ward
(‘I hope the new year opens a new world to you’)
Peter Conti
(‘roll on the 1990s for a strengthening friendship’)
(‘just in case you thought I’d forgotten you’)
(‘all my love, regardless’)
(‘thank you for letting me be Fanny; watch your willy’)
(‘thank you for your trust in me with your productions; I’m so proud of you for being so talented – you work wonders’)
(‘thanks for all the help you’ve given me in these last few months’)


My No.1: ‘Tell Me When the Fever Ended’ by Electribe 101

Went to The Woodman’s Cottage for a Christmas meal with the family today.  I met Betty’s waitress friends, Sarah and Jayne who are both splendidly gorgeous. 

Later, I went to The Angel, which was dull, but Matty and Rod were there and they were okay.

I rang Flash and then I rang Miranda Wasp

Mirandas’ Mum: Hello?
Ritch: Hello, is Miranda there, please?
MM: No, she’s out with you.
R: Sorry?
MM: You are in Wisbech, aren’t you?
R: Yes.
MM: Isn’t she with you, Mark?
R: No, this is her friend: Jez
MM: Jess?
R: Er, yes.
MM: Oh.  Oh.  Well, sorry.
R: That’s okay.
MM: I’m sorry, I … I don’t know where she is.  Goodbye.

Strange, eh?

I’m assuming she’s back with Mark Dalton then…

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Next time: ‘1989: Looking Back…’

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