The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 26 December 1989

Boxing Day 1989


‘Satellite Ecstatica’ – Pop Will Eat Itself

Dunno what to do for the New Year.  Go to Yorks.?  I doubt that Flash wants me there.  Do something with Jonny + Julian?  But are they doing anything?  Go to The Angel?  Wow.  Mind you, Mooney said that if I did go, he’d do some acid with me.  Whatever happens, I hope I’ll get to do some acid around New Year.

Today, Freddie’s home at last.

His daughter, Paula’s here too.  She and I have been having some fun together.

Lucille’s here too, so it’s been a big family food-binge time!



‘Plunder the Tombs’ – Fur Bible

Recently, Romanian democracy protests were quashed by their president, Ceausescu, who had campaigners shot.  It was like China earlier in the year, but more harsh.  There was talk of whole massacres of people and this resulted in weeks of civil war.  Now, Chauchescu has been tried + executed by the people, who have now deposed the old Communist regime and taken over.  Communism, it would seem, is dead.

In Panama, Americans were attacked on drug baron Noriega’s orders, so US president George Bush sent in 24,000 troops to bring down his regime and have him captured.  The yanks are still fighting his loyalists, but Noriega himself is said to have taken refuge in Panama’s Vatican embassy.

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Next time: ‘Ritcherd takes LSD…’

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