The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 14 December 1989

Blown-Out and Low

My No.1: ‘Pacific 707’ by 808 State

Amy sent me a card today, saying this:

‘To Ritcherd, just a little card to say sorry for acting like a complete and total idiot last night.  I’m really sorry and it won’t happen again (the irritating stuff not the kissing!).  Lots of love, Amy xxxxx’

On the bus home, in this bastard rain, I felt very close to another major female in my life, Joni .  She was very cute due to having a hangover from last nite’s tech disco.

On reaching home, I was disappointed to hear that Wendy hasn’t been in touch.  Sick as hell, in fact.  So I rang her lodgings and the landlady told me that she returned to Cornwall yesterday.

I don’t believe it.  Wendy, is this a blow-out?



‘Getting Away with It’ – Electronic

Rang Flash.  I was going to visit Yorkshire this weekend, but now I shall not.  He’s too busy, which is fair enough.  His experiences taking acid and encountering Mr Dairv from Lola’s sound interesting…

And my bastard RAINBOW FAYRE beads have gone.  Lost them.


Strawberry Girl is going well.  Put each other off a lot today.  Very naughty.

I do feel that William and I should have spent a little more time during the writing process in re-jigging the end.  Poor Will had to rush an ending due to my Mansfield commitments.  I would perhaps have brought the song ‘Happiness’ in after the Queen + Berwin have been sorted out, then sort out the sisters, then a reprise of the song.  That said, there have already been many times now where we’ve had to adapt and adjust.  I think every single day of the run so far has seen us have to change something to fit the space or the time-slot.  The show is now a very different animal to the original script, I reckon.

It’s feeling pretty successful now.  There’s a feeling of elation that comes with reaching a level of… well, not ‘perfection’, but something close.  The whole thing is going like clockwork now.  It’s going really well.

God, I feel sad.  Empty.  Pissed off.

Why, though?

Well, I dunno.

I want to cry, I feel so low.  So upset.


I don’t know.

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Next time: ‘Bedroom ski-ing…’

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