The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 4 November 1989

Some Thoughts on Mansfield Park

‘Jackie’ – Sinead O’Connor

I’m in Yorkshire.

Would you credit it?  I hadn’t lost my WATCHMEN book – my Dad had it!  I’m so glad!

Reading it again.

Soon be Christmas.


‘Little River’ – Strawberry Switchblade

To me, the idea of a production of Jane Austen’s MANSFIELD PARK seems like an excellent one.  At last, a good, proper bit of theatre to sink my teeth into.  But in some ways, the Berkoff element has put paid to any easy ride I thought I might get.  Mind you, it’s enlivened the whole thing too.  I had been hoping to do some acting this term, though.

I’ll admit that I found reading the book a bit of a chore.  I think it was perhaps the dullest, most uninteresting novel I’ve ever read: wordy, unmoving and very static.  I also thing the ending is a rushed ‘cop-out’; a turgid anti-climax to a poor piece of storytelling.  That’s why I think the expressionist/sub-text thing we’re going for enlivens it.  Well done for that, Larry Goodgirl.

I was surprised to be approached to direct it, mostly because I had my eye on playing the role of Henry Crawford, probably the most well drawn male character in the book.  I cast Johnny in that role and I am enjoying him in it.

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Next time: ‘A Tape for Gemma…’

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