The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 10 November 1989

Note for Negativity

‘Love Song’ – The Cure

As the world rumbles, as Stephen Fry sends a letter to me and Johnny Badcock, as the Berlin Wall falls, I have come tom discover such strength and beauty in Gemma Winchester.


I’d been a bit down about MP and a few other things and Gemma wrote me a beautiful note only to be opened in times of ‘negative emotion’.

In it, she says I’m not reading it unless I feel ‘sad, lonely, depressed or paranoiac’ and it’s a cheer-up letter because she doesn’t like to think of me feeling any of those emotions.  She also says I shouldn’t feel down when the world’s so beautiful.  But in case I am, then I need to remember that there’s someone out there to whom I mean a hell of a lot and thinks I’m one of the best things ‘this side of Timbuctoo!’

She says she still can’t believe that ‘the great almighty Ritcherd Winterfood, script-writer, director, actor and Berwin Groomstool clone (and bloody brilliant guy!) has found something in straight, normal, mumbling Gemma Winchester – but who’s complaining?’  And she sends me all her love.

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Next time: ‘Walls Come Tumbling Down…’

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